Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sephora Precision Sponge

$18.00 CAD ($12.00 USD), I got it because I can't get my hand on a Beauty Blender in TO; so I am unable to compare the two. However I can speak about what I use...

Sephora Precision Sponge is a tapered egg shaped sponge. I soak it first then squeeze out most of the water, so it's damp but not wet. Then I dot my foundation of choice on my face and bounce away with the sponge until it's all nice and even and blended in and out. I feel the sponge is a bit small for the job, but with patience the results are pretty  nice. My coverage looks even, and pretty flawless.  I like this little gadget.

Well except for one aspect. After the first use, the sponge was stained with my foundation. Eventhough I washed it after using it, the color did not budge. It wouldn't wash away no matter what I used. So after your first application your sponge will look dirty. But I can over look it because it's not like I'm ever going to share it, and I know that I have washed it.

I still want to get a Beauty Blender... I hear it's softer than Sephora's Precision Sponge...


  1. Hi Lucy,
    I really want to get my hands on a London Drug product, called the London Look Precision Sponge,
    but the drugstore won't send to the US, only CA.
    Have you tried it yet?
    Your fellow obsessed blogger,
    Drug Store Beauty Whore

  2. No I haven't tried it... lol... but so need to now :)