Sunday, May 1, 2011

Victoria's Secret Nail Lacquer - Midnight Glamour

This was a limited edition item at Victoria's Secret this past Holiday season. I fell for the bottle at first sight, sooo pretty, and since it was only $10.00 CAD I felt the need to own it. This pretty little design contains 7ml of product.
 Now that I have applied it, and even-though I own over 150 bottles of polish, I wish I bought at least two of these. The formula is absolutely incredible... and I mean incredible. Everything about it is just such a stunner, the consistency, the flow, the application... wow. This color is extremely pigmented. I applied two coats out of habit but the second coat made no difference to the final look... one would have been plenty.

As the name indicates the shade is a very dark navy blue. It has a touch of shimmer that only appears with flash or direct sunlight, otherwise it's an absolutely fabulous navy creme. It's borderline black, but there is enough of that something to it, that it never quite looks totally black... lol... am I even making any sense here?

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  1. That is so pretty, I remember when this polish came out I was eying it!