Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fresh - Umbrian Clay, Treatment Bar

This is a brick of clay. It's heavy and it smells like... well clay. It does not lather, it melts on your wet skin. I don't use it so much as soap to cleanse my skin but more like a treatment. I work this into my wet skin and then let it sit for 5 to 10 min, then rinse and follow with a cleanser for my face.

I like it, I feel like it's working, not drastically but enough to make me feel that it has made a difference in the look of my skin.

I hate the price, $44.00 CAD ($38.00 USD), and it does go pretty quickly. I read someone's review where they state they've been using their first bar for 7 months now.... I don't know how's it possible, I'm on month 2 and almost done. Maybe this person only uses it on their face, and not every day.

It's also annoying how the bar breaks into smaller and smaller pieces as it thins out. Not surprising, it is clay, so I can sort of mush it back together into a lump.

Will I repurchase? Not right away... it's just so pricey... I'll try something else first.

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