Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Giorgio Armani lip shimmer lip gloss - #1

I enjoy glosses and decided to try one from Giorgio Armani. I chose shade #1 which is a soft peach color for every day wear on it's own or layered over lipstick. The applicator is a little brush not sponge... while some prefer one over the other, I don't... either works just as well for me...
gorgeous... a soft peachy base with fine silver micro-glitter, that you can't see on your lips unless you're  really really close, and of course you can't feel it at all..
shiny, peachy, perfect... it feels like no other lip gloss I own... silky-velvety... wears great, non-sticky, non-smelly... need more


  1. Agh! I'm so confused by these glosses. I've heard from some people that they are quite sticky and from others that they are completely non-sticky. I guess I will have to keep my first order to just one to see what I think ;-)

  2. :) it's true, you are the best judge of the product... maybe what's sticky for one isn't for another :)