Monday, June 13, 2011

Muskoka Candle Co. 100% Soy Bean Wax Candle in Bergamont

Candles are one of my favorite things. Lately I've been switching from pillars to jars. I purchased this jar at Blue Banana in Kensington Market (Toronto). This 12oz container set me back $19.95 CAD, I thought if it lives up to all it's claims I'm willing to repurchase at this price.

So the claims:

1. Soot and Smoke Free - yup that's true, it has yet to smoke, this I like very much
2. Longer Burn Time - hmmm I haven't been timing it, but it does seem to burn more slowly than my Slatkin & Co. candles
3. Lower Melting Point and Scent Retention - if they say so
4. No Carcinogens or Toxins - the ingredient list seems to support this claim
5. Hypo-Allergenic - I don't have any respiratory problems... but it's nice to know
6. Safe and Easy Cleaning - haven't spilled melted wax yet... but this is also good to know

This company has quite a wide range of scents. I chose Bergamont because I just love it.  The scent isn't strong or overpowering, but I do wish it had a tad more ooomph... however I will purchase another flavor, because there is just something about candlelight and cute jars that I find irresistible.

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