Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Mario Badescu Collection and Enzyme Cleansing Gel Review

I've been planning to start posting and reviewing my Mario Badescu products for a while now. Finally I got around to it. Pictured below my whole collection. I won't go through all the products in this post, that would be too much, but I do plan to have them up regularly every other day or so. To be reviewed: face washes, body wash, 5 face masks (I rotate them and use one every 2-3 days), face creams and treatments.

One thing about MB products that come bottled... wish most of them came with a pump.
 First up to be reviewed one of my faves MB Enzyme Cleansing Gel. 

I like this so much I have the industrial size bottle. Recommended for all skin types, this is a non foaming, pearl-green gel wash. It's quite luxurious feeling, non drying, and gentle. Main components of this wash are papaya extract and alpha hydroxy acid that have great exfoliating properties and prevent pore-clogging build-up.

I don't know if face washes live up to all these claims, I mean they spent just a couple of minutes (if even that) on your skin. But then again, I like how my skin feels after using this... and I quite like the non-foaming aspect of this cleanser.

I use if in the morning only. I can't speak to any of its claims at makeup removal.


  1. Thanks so much for posting this, I love most of the MB I tried, but would like to explore the brand further! Have you used their non-alcohol glycolic toner? I've been thinking about it for the longest time. x

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  3. Hi Rocaille,

    I haven't tried the glycolic toners because the non-alcoholic one is recommended for dry/sensitive skin types and that's not me, and the other is not recommended for acne-erupted skin, and I almost always have something happening on my face. I'm using MB's Special Cucumber Lotion and I really like it.