Monday, June 20, 2011

Pür Minerals Get a Little Self-Tanning Lotion

I avoid sun. I don't tan on purpose, and I have never used a tanning bed.  I've got my fill of sun rays as a kid who did not use spf, now it's all about preventative measures before the damage starts to show.

Having said that, my pasty legs can burn your retinas out, and there are events this summer I want to attend in a skirt or a dress, so I decided to give fake tan a go.

First test is on my legs (capris are my summer uniform), i don't know if it will go further than than. Wearing short sleeves ensures I get a bit of color even when I slather spf 60 on.

Once again the Shopping Chanel suggested a product I should give a try. I liked the before and after shots, but we have a very old TV and I mean old. This behemoth is from the 80's. I love it because it works (and I'm not throwing it out until it breathes its last), but I don't trust its color depiction anymore :)

Still the reviews were great, so I ventured to a Pür Minerals counter nearby and swatched a bit of their Get a Little Self-Tanning Lotion on the back of my hand. It smelled awesome! Citrusy in a sweet way… and I liked the consistency as well so I snagged the last bottle.
This product contains aloe and Vitamin E to condition and moisturize your skin; and it's free of nasty chemical dyes and formaldehyde.

I exfoliate every other day. For an even beautiful fake tan proper exfoliation is a must. Pur minerals promised "natural, bronzed look—never orange or streaky" in 3 applications.
Now I thought about taking a before and after picture to note the difference. However I got to thinking that pictures will be from different days, different light conditions, and well might not be very reliable. So out of my own curiosity I decided to try this product on only one leg first. If you think having two different shade legs would bother me, you'd be wrong… :)

And here we are 3 days 4 applications later…

A gorgeous, streak free, bronzed not orange leg and its pale mate… this was worth it… The shade change is definitely noticeable but it's not extremely drastic. It looks natural. It wasn't easy to capture with the camera... but I did my best..
There is only one drawback to this product, I wish there was more of it for the money. A 4oz tube set me back $24 CAD… still worth repurchasing I think.

Pür Minerals says this fake tan can be used on your whole body, including your face, but I would run out of it too fast. For now I'll concentrate on getting my legs to be of the same shade :)

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