Saturday, July 23, 2011

CHANEL Mat Lumière Liquid Foundation

Purchased before I discovered Vichy….. Just one of those cult followings that I got curious about and had to try out for myself.

This is the best smelling foundation I own. I need this as a body lotion :). The scent is soft, delicate, barely there, and just simply divine.

Coverage light to medium. I used brushes and fingers to apply it. Either way worked fine for me. The coverage not substantial enough, but the foundation does apply easily and blends in smoothly. It looks lovely on, my skin takes on this polished, softened look. But it doesn't last… and so I like it not love it.

I get about 3-4 hours of wear before it starts looking a bit off. I wonder if investing in Chanel setting powder would help extend the wear of this, because right now it just doesn't gel well with my face.


  1. Aw no. I was thinking of buying this but 3-4hrs wear before it starts to look off? Not good.
    My skin's mega oily so I need a good, mattifying foundation.

    Thanks for the review - very helpful :-) xo

  2. yeah I wouldn't recommend this for oily skin types, which is odd since this is a mat type foundation :)