Monday, July 18, 2011

CHANEL Powder Blush in Rouge and Or

So there are no Lumieres Byzantine Palettes available in Toronto... well if there were even I sort of draw a line at $250.00 (I think)... but the rest of the Byzantine make-up collection was available. I resisted... the first time I saw it at Holt's under it's own glass display I was instantly seduced by the Rouge blush, but I didn't buy. Fast forward a couple of weeks later when I think I'm immune to its charms (and hoping it sold out as well) and venture in for a little gift for a friend... 10 minutes later walk out with this (plus the gift of course)...
 smitten by the double c lids... but not by the brushes...
I wanted to be strong and only buy Rouge... but Or is just so unique and they seem to complement each other so well  (top: daylight, bottom: flash)
 Rouge is a true red blush with a bit of fine gold shimmer in it. I don't own a red blush (well I didn't, now I do :)) Picture taken using flash is a more accurate color depiction. Or as the name states is gold and it ads another dimension to Rouge when layered...
From left to right: 
heavy handed Rouge swatch on its own
heavy handed Or swatch on its own
heavy handed Rouge topped with Or 
light handed Rouge with a touch of Or
This is the perfect Sleeping Beauty blush, well that is who I think of when I look at this. Very easy to go overboard, Rouge is deeply and richly pigmented... but if you take care, perfect flush.  This will be the one I'll be reaching for a lot this coming winter. Right now while the weather is hot... I'm favoring pinks and corals...

And speaking of Chanel, a month or so ago, Jay and I went up to the Chanel clothing and accessories section at Holts. I touched a $5,000.00 Chanel coat, a $3,000.00 Chanel purse, and held a $500.00 pair of Chanel mittens... it was nice...

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