Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Exuberance Helichrysum Silicone-Free Makeup Primer

I'm giving up on finding the "IT" primer. I don't think it exits. My final test was a venture into natural and organic territory.

I've found some very promising reviews for this product and so there I am one morning smoothing it over my face. Supposedly it's suitable for all skin types... yes I suppose I agree. It hasn't caused any adverse reaction, and the idea of natural plant based ingredients is definitely more appealing than silicone.

This is a clear gel with a strong flowery organic scent... possible turn off for some. I find it doesn't linger for long, and the primer does apply easily. It feels more like a serum than a primer. It quickly absorbs and doesn't feel sticky or tacky. But my foundation also doesn't stay on much longer, and my t-zone shines in a couple of hours.

Out of all primers I own, this is the top of the list simply for its ingredient list, but it's still not the hg I was hopping for. I don't think it's the primer tough I think it's my incompatible face...


  1. It sounds okay, but I hate strong scents. I hope you can find your HG primer :)