Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mario Badescu Healing & Soothing Mask

I use this on the second day after I used the Drying Mask. This mask is meant to calm the redness and irritated parts of skin caused by breakouts.  It contains Balsam Peru which is a natural anti-inflammatory.

It's a nice light yellow-green color, and it has a delicate vanilla based scent that I quite enjoy. It feels like a light custard, very smooth, and soothing when applied. It does not dry, so you can converse while it's on your face. After 20min rinse with tepid water.

I find with all MB masks that I've used that they sort of leave a film behind when simply rinsed with water. I tend to always follow with a light quick cleanser and then a toner. This possibly could be canceling out any of the benefits of the mask but I need to do it.

As a 20 min mask I find the benefits if any are very short lived. I actually had more success leaving this on overnight on my trouble spots only. It heals and diminishes their appearance significantly... It just doesn't make you look pretty... J is used to my bedtime camouflage hahahahaha....

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