Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My first pair of Christian Dior Shoes

Acquired July 10, 2011. I couldn't, simply couldn't pass these up. They fit perfectly, and I mean perfectly. Shoes are such a limited edition item as well, they're here for the season and then gone forever (well except for a few chosen classics).
 Plus they were 65% OFF!!!, last pair, and I had two females stalking me hoping I'd put them down… you know sometimes you don't even want the item, but knowing someone else does, tips the scales and you purchase. Well not in this case… cork wedges are my favorite summer shoe… these were coming home with me. I was meant to own these :)
 I haven't worn them out yet… I wasn't ready to get street dust on my beauties…Their first trip out will be this coming Saturday... unless it's raining.

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