Friday, July 8, 2011

Pür Minerals Complexion Pür-fection Correcting Primer

If there is nothing else on tv, and I can't read because other things need doing like cleaning, grooming the girls, blogging etc… I'll usually turn my tv to the Shopping Chanel. I don't care what they're selling (majority of the time I'm not even tempted by it)… but I like listening to their sales pitch, and watching the numbers increase (how many units were sold), or decrease (how many units are left in stock).

So few weeks back Pür Minerals was on. I didn't buy anything form the Shopping Chanel… the shipping charges would make that stupid, especially since there is a Pür Minerals counter nearby. I was intrigued by their primers, really liked the before and after shots, and it didn't take much to convince me I should give it a try.

Pür Minerals makes 3 different color correcting primers:
Green - to combat excessive redness caused by acne, rosacea, and other skin imperfections
Peach - neutralizes under eye circles, age spots, dark spots, freckles, and any other non-red facial tones
White - neutral primer for minor imperfections, general discolorations, uneven skin tone; recommended for all skin types

All three primers are silicone based which gives you that super smooth feeling upon application, and green and peach have titanium dioxide while the white one "may" contain titanium dioxide (I don't know what that is supposed to mean).

Anyways it's obvious that I purchased the green one. This primer has a nice smooth consistency (looks a bit runny in my picture because I forgot to shake the bottle before my first pump).
It comes in a glass bottle with a pump. Feels heavy for it's size and be careful because sometimes it does dispense a bit too much (a little goes a long way). Apply on a clean moisturized face. I used my fingertips and a foundation brush (my Sigma F80), and I feel using my fingers gives me better results. More evenly distributed and buffed in. Wait a few minutes for it to dry and continue with your foundation routine and so on…
This primer is non-greasy, lightweight, feels silky, and really does tone down the redness in my skin. However it does not keep my t-zone shine free any longer than other primers I've used so far. I've had no adverse reaction to it, no breakouts, no rashes :), which is a good thing.

It retails for $32.00 CAD for 1 fl oz… and I've read a recommendation that if you use foundation to even out or to cover excessive redness in your skin, you may have to be re-matched to a new shade after putting this primer on first. However I did not find this to be the case for me... most of my foundations still blended in with my skin tone really well... and for a couple that I felt looked a bit too light I just add a sweep of bronzer all over...

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