Monday, July 4, 2011

Sibu Beauty Sea Buckthorn Face and Body Bar

Purchased this from the Shopping Channel along with the sea buckthorn moisturizer. At $6.95 CAD for a 3.5 oz bar, it's a steal compared to Fresh Umbrian Clay bar.

This bar is recommended for face (makeup removal) as well as body. I use it on my body, and really like it. It has a lovely fresh citrus scent with a touch of herbal, and because it contains oatmeal and sea buckthorn leaves, it does double duty as a cleanser and a light exfoliator. But I mean light... I barely feel it.

It's a bar of soap but it does not dry out your skin, it's actually quite moisturizing. First ingredient on the list is coconut oil (I know someone who might love this :))

This soap is "for the health-minded person who wants to use natural products on their skin and purchase products from socially responsible companies that minimize the impact on the environment, while giving back to the regions/people that make the products possible. It's also for someone who wants to cleanse their facial skin with natural ingredients. Cleanse & Detox Facial Soap utilizes natural nutrients in sea buckthorn to help fortify the skin and help fend off bacteria that can cause blemishes like acne, rosacea,and eczema. The soap does not use artificial chemical compounds to achieve the desired results. "

This is a lovely bar of soap. It lathers up great, smells nice, and leaves my skin with that squeaky clean feeling... but there were no other benefits that I've noticed... and so I'm giving Fresh Umbrian Clay bar another go...

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