Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sigma Dry'n Shape and Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki F80 Brush

Since this beauty fever of mine has started I have managed to acquire (by purchasing myself or been given), a couple of very nice and a bit pricey brushes. I need to spot clean the brushes I've used every single day, and give them a proper wash once a week. I dry them upside down to ensure no water seeps into the brush and starts to dissolve the glue, however this has a negative impact on the bristles as they get bent in the process.

Along comes Sigma with their Dry'n Shape. I was so excited when I saw this, and after watching a few favorable online review videos I knew I needed to have it. It retails for $29.00 USD... reasonable I think... Comes in only one color...
 The pouch opens up to reveal 12 brush spots.
 Wash your brushes using your favorite cleanser and slip them into the appropriate spot making sure the bristles are snugly encased by the elastic and the handle is in the corresponding pocket. For an instructional video click HERE... In the video the case is laid flat, but I like to dry my brushes upside down, ensuring water doesn't migrate... The claim is that your brushes will be perfectly dry in 4-6 hours. Once I've washed my brushes I am done with them for the rest of the day... so I haven't checked... but the next morning they are perfectly shaped.... That was the main reason for my purchase keeping my brushes looking brand new... and preventing them from splaying out...
 I wish that there were a couple more spots for smaller brushes... but still this was a worthy purchase...

On another note a couple of months ago my favorite brush Sigma F80 started to shed... like really, really shed. It is still incredibly dense but it has me worried. I'm not sure if the brush is flawed or if it was something I did, like let water in. However I like this brush so much, that I've decided to repurchase ($16.00 USD). Nothing applies foundation better..

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