Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Clarins Super Restorative Foundation

I was at Shoppers Drug Mart a few weeks back, picking up some essentials... sun block, birthday cards, nail accessories. Most of the time I try to cash out on the beauty side (if they're not too busy), because they always give me samples.

This time around was no different, the SA dropped a few perfume samples in my bag, then gave may face a studied look and said:
SA: "I'm going to give you a sample of the best foundation in the world."
I thought: "mmmmmkay"
SA: "I hope I have your shade."
Me thinking: "How will a packet tell you my shade… shouldn't you do a swatch test?"
SA: "Here it is… Trust me you'll love it… It's the best."
Me: "Thank you. Can't wait to try it."

Well she got my shade right. I'm wondering if it's because there are only 7 in this range, or because she's just that good, or because all the other samples were obviously too dark. Regardless the color is spot on. The foundation, the 'best in the world!'. Ok, I won't go that far, that implies I've tried everything on the market, but I will classify it as the one of the best in my foundation basket (and there are a few in there).

I got seven uses out of my packet, I think I could have gotten 8 or 9 if I didn't get carried away the first time. A little goes a long way with this product. The consistency of it is a bit thicker than other liquid foundations I've tried. It's creamy, and it has a scent, that I find quite pleasant. Coverage is medium to full. I applied it using my fingers, to waste as little product as possible. Using a primer first, then dot, dot, dot, the foundation and cover and blend. Coverage is gorgeous, satin finish, it fuses with my skin, feels weightless, lasts 8 hours plus (depending on the weather).

This wore and looked so good while I had it on, that I'm seriously contemplating purchasing a full sized bottle. It's a bit of a splurge. At $65 CAD it's borderline too much. So I'm holding off for a month, or two, or three ... :)
I highly recommend that you get a sample of this foundation; one because purchasing it might leave a dent in your wallet so you want to be sure, two because the color range is rather limited there might not be one for you, and three you might hate it.

PS. I still love my Vichy Dermablend and DermaTeint, the quality for the price is awesome. I reach for them a lot, but Clarins is calling my name ...


  1. It sounds fabulous! I don't think I'd pay that much though :)

  2. :) the price is a definite deterrent