Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Honey

Purchased once I saw the light after reading a post by Pink Sith.

Let me explain. Over the past couple of years I dropped some serious change on some gorgeous shades of lipstick and lipgloss. I wear them, I love them.

I've known about Fresh lip treatments since they made an appearance on the shelf of my local Sephora… so like forever :). I've always felt they were overpriced. At first Fresh only carried a plain colorless lip balm. Currently the collection also includes two tinted ones. One of which is Honey. It retails for $26.00 CAD, pricey but not as much as a Chanel tube of lip paint.

Here comes Pink Sith and her post on Fresh lip treatments vs lipstick. There is nothing wrong with the former, but why pass up a tinted lip treatment, that "treats" your lips, and acts as a lipstick, "tinted" remember.

Once I saw online swatches of Honey, and did an in person arm test at Sephora, I was convinced this was a worthy investment. Purchase made, no regrets so far.
 Honey is flattering, easy wearing shade of gorgeous. Extremely moisturizing, it leaves your lips soft and smooth. Wears rather well for a treatment as well. And has a sweet lemony taste which I find kind of delicious. On top of all that unlike other lip products I own Honey has much needed sun protection of spf 15.

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