Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jo Malone Cologne Intense in Rose Water & Vanilla and Iris & White Musk

I read about it on Laura's site one day and the next I was at Holts wanting to smell it. They didn't have it… and by this point I wanted it scent untested. To alleviate my disappointment Marc the best Jo Malone SA consoled me with some delicious samples and added my name to a list, with a promise to call as soon as it arrived.

It was around 3 weeks waiting time. Jay got the call, as soon as Marc found out it's in the loading dock :) I love my HR SAs, simply because they mostly deal with Jay (he works nearby) but know my name (I'm rather forgettable, trust me, I could share stories :))

I finally got my hands on it on Friday August 12th, and I'm in love. Vanilla and Roses. I really wanted to pick up two, but who knows how long this vanilla fad will last, and this isn't exactly cheap. So if I run out of the cologne before I run out of my love for vanilla I always have Vanilla & Anise(fave) and Red Roses from the permanent line.

Cologne Intense collection consists of five alluring scents: Dark Amber & Ginger Lily, Rose Water & Vanilla, Iris & White Musk, Amber & Patchouli, and Oud and Bergamont.

Jo Malone Blurb:
"A collection of distinctive scents inspired by the rich, sensory experience of the Middle East. A place of immense beauty with ornate architecture, vibrant colours and intense scents from the Spice Routes of the vast trade network, the Middle East has a liveliness rooted in history."

Jay picked up Iris & White Musk for himself.
The bottles are transparent black glass...

Rose Water & Vanilla is rich, creamy, warm, exotic, and simply irresistible. Worth the wait :) Iris & White Musk is Jason in a bottle :)

I'm not even attempting a more sophisticated analysis... you're better of googling if you're interested...

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