Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lady Dior Handbag Palette

OMG I had a great weekend. But Friday night rocked it. Holt Renfrew had a promotion of "gift with purchase" and I asked Jay to pick something up that I've been waiting for. He did and then some… I'm not sure if he's of the human heterosexual male species anymore… I don't know of any other man who enjoys buying and giving as much as he does… I better put a ring on it, hahahahaha….

So for the next few days I'll share some new additions and awesome gifts that accompanied the purchases.

Up first I present limited edition Lady Dior handbag palette. It's encased in a beautiful white textured box.
I'm not sure how many were made worldwide, but my number is 1407.
What makes it even better is that Jay feels obligated to buy them for me. I'm a bit of a limited edition collector, and he informed me that this is one piece he'll always get for me, if or when they are released by Dior. The fact that other people see him as well, reassures me that he is real.
Included with the palette is the standard velvet pouch and a mini brush.
 Getting on to the good stuff. I will not be swatching these shades, because I'll never wear this palette and I do not want to ruin the absolutely stunning design.  This is one of those items I classify as my "makeup art" and I take it out and just look at it now and then, for the sheer beauty of it.
On a side note. I finally saw Sex and the City 2 this past weekend. Wow… that was pretty horrible. All the Carrie-Miranda-Charlotte-Samantha-isms were just so cliche. The first wedding scene beyond tacky, lines seemed forced, no flow… and it just continued from there. Just the overall concept of the movie seemed weak.

However the fashion was impeccable and gorgeous. Sometimes I would simply zone out and stop listening to the dialogue and watch dreamily the constant procession of runway designs. It is my dream to have around the house lounge wear like Carrie :) But even the fashion was a bit much, it was dessert over and over again.. too much of a good thing. I remember the good old days when Carrie used to shop for a $20 dress to go with her $400 shoes... now Carrie wears a $400 dress and $2000 shoes :)

I read in the paper yesterday that the 3rd Sex and the City movie (the prequel to the series) is on hold, and the ladies are coming back to tv with more Sex and the City episodes. Despite the fail of the second movie, I know I'll be watching if they do…

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