Monday, August 15, 2011

Lancôme Juicy Tubes

Yup from the 'haul'. Pictured bellow:
Hallucination - Sheer pale peach with gold flecks
Bolole - Sheer coral with gold flecks
 Lancôme's Juicy tubes are flavored (that's what it says on their site)... but all I taste is sweet. I'm not disappointed, it's a settle sweet. The color washes are very sheer as well, once you apply the gloss it's hard to tell what shade you have on. This is not a negative for me... I usually have lipstick or lip stain underneath.  These are also a bit sticky. I know a total turn off for some... but I'm one of the few that likes her sticky gloss :)
Because these are a tad sticky, they wear rather well. 

daylight - direct sunlight
daylight - shade

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