Sunday, August 7, 2011

Laura Mericer - 6 Well Custom Compact

Laura Mercier individual shadows, cake liners, and blushes are a bit tricky to pop out simply because of a mini frame holding them down (as pictured). Also I feel a bit bad throwing out the individual product compacts because each one has a great little mirror... nothing cheap about LM packaging...
I said I wouldn't get another Bobbi Brown one, but I couldn't resist creating a custom Laura Mercier one. The big 6 pan palette has a frame that one needs to pop out to pop in individual shadows (just like individual ones). The mirror as the one in my BB 6 pan palette is awesome...


  1. You have so many beautiful expensive make up products. I'm a tiny bit jealous, hehe.

    But then.. I spend almost all of my money on perfume so... Ahem :/