Saturday, August 27, 2011

L'Oréal MagicSmooth Souffle Foundation

Having tried a few high end foundations, I decided to curb my snobbish preferences and give a cheaper, more accessible, brand a try.

Because L'Oréal's magic perfecting base primer was such a pleasant surprise for me. I decided to try their Magic Smooth Soufflé foundation. It was also on sale for $17.00 and I had a coupon for an additional $2.00 off so that helped to tip the scales in favor of this particular brand and product as well.

The packaging is pleasing to my eye :) A heavy, sturdy, thick, glass jar with a magenta lid. The product reminds me of mousse or whipped cream, it is very silky and light.  Picking my shade was a bit tricky though. I did it on my own. Majority of the time, I'm the second shade in, in this case it seemed I can be 4th or 5th. The product looks dark in the container, you think it's way too dark for you, but upon swatching it kind of blends in and matches.
This foundation claims to achieve "velvety soft perfection" as it "magically blurs the look of lines and pores". It promises 12 hours of luminous matte complexion. The magic ingredient, "mati-crystal" which absorbs shine, and mattifies, while letting the light pass through for luminosity.
This is a nice, sheer coverage foundation. Light on you face as well as on your wallet. It's too sheer for my troublesome face. Perfect for someone with good skin who's looking for that polished look. It has a soft dewy finish. However even-though it claims to mattify it only held for approximately 6 hours on my face, so wear time is a bit of a downer if you're hoping for 12. Oily skin types might not take to this as well as someone with dry skin.

I prefer to apply it with a brush rather than my fingers. I feel I get better product distribution and more even coverage. This feels extremely smooth, has that silicone feel to it. For those with silicone pet-peeve you'll probably abhor this product. But for those who don't mind it, like sheer coverage, are budget conscious, or just curious, and accept that they might not get 12 hours of coverage, I recommend you give this a try. Check your local drugstore for specials and coupons to save yourself some money :)

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