Friday, September 30, 2011

MAC Lipglass - Plum Fun

This little item is also from MAC's "MAC Me Over" collection. Purchased at the same time I bought Offshoot, because they seemed to compliment each other. Actually this lipglass has so much pigmentation it can be worn on it's own.
 Pretty plum shade for fall.
 Applied over Offshoot looks simply delicious... a pretty berry lip...

Thursday, September 29, 2011

MAC "Cremesheen" Lipstick - Offshoot

A limited edition shade from MAC's "MAC Me Over" collection. Looking at it in the tube, I thought it might be too dark. But applied it's a lovely neutral rosy color… perfect for fall.
 It's definitely creamy, and imparts a lovely sheen to your lips… label on the box reads "Cremesheen" :). Wears and stays nicely as well. I wear it without a lip liner and I've had no bleeding.
 This one is definitely worthy of a backup; one because it's beautiful, and two because it's a limited edition item. But I'm not going to succumb. As much as I love it, I love other colors as well, and I think that if I start running low and begin feeling pangs of regret at my choice, a dupe should not be that hard to find :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

not beauty related

 it's about books... I love them... can't get enough of them... I don't favor one type of genre over other. I read it all... I'm curious about every single book, and what's behind it's pages... It saddens me that my lifespan limits me to only a fraction of the world's library...

But anyways. If I stumble upon a series that seem to relate to each other, I need to read them in order... I cannot just read one book for pleasure. There have been occurrences where I bought a book started to read it, sometimes finished it, only to realize it's the next chapter of some series. I am unable to stop at that book, and it annoys me that I know what happened if I have to backtrack to earlier volumes :)

I read the Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb, upon a recommendation. Only once I put the third volume down, did I find out there are two books that precede it. The story lines don't intertwine closely, there is a huge time gap between them, so really they don't need to be read in order, but I wish I had. Now I'll have to backtrack two books, and then continue on...

Oh yeah I bought all Robin Hobb books I could lay my hands on... and have them arranged in order of reading (once I'm done with the Stieg Larsson books)... Now I need to find some time for my favorite activity :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nail Polish from Jacob

I was at Jacob this past weekend killing some time. It's been a couple of years since I bought anything from this Canadian store, but the company has me a bit in love with their no touch-up ad campaigns... even if Coco Rocha is incredibly beautiful, and she doesn't need photoshop to start with :). I saw a shirt that was really cute. Tried it on... looked even cuter. So I bought two in different colors.

As I'm standing in line to cash out. I notice a nail polish line up; 8 shades that match their fall collection. I tell myself, "so what if you don't own any Jacob polish, you don't need to, you already have so many you need to wear first, just pay for the shirts, be strong, and walk out"... it was  a good pep talk.

I'm cashing out, and the SA says "currently you are at $60, if you purchase and additional $15 worth of merchandise, you'll receive a $25 gift card towards your next visit". Without skipping a beat, I grab 3 shades, they were $6 each. Other than great color lineup, and an even better price, they are also 3-Free :)

From left to right: Tuxedo Chic, Runway Diva, and Prêt-à-Porter. I had a little set back, and currently only 2 of my  nail are worthy of any paint... but one day I shall post some swatches.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Another MAC Dissapointment

Well this really couldn't come at a worst time. I was a bit peeved with MAC on Saturday, and then Sunday this happens.

This 187 mini belongs to a mini set from the 2010 Holiday Tartan collection. I used it, but not frequently. The brush had no visible wear to it. The gold lettering hasn't started to fade. I take very good care with my brushes when cleaning, making sure no water seeps down... and then this....

I used it Sunday morning. I wash it, I slip it into my Sigma Dry'n Shape, I gently tug the handle down and it comes through, not the bristles tough... I was so surprised, I just stood there, not quite believing what just happened... What kind of cheap glue was used here??? It didn't shed... it just all disintegrated at once. Now I'm worried about the durability of all the minis from this collection... plus the 3 I own from the permanent line.

I think I will just stick to MAC lip products (they are lovely) and nail lacquers... but I don't see myself spending anymore of my money on their services or brushes.... yikes!!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

MAC Disaster

I don't know why every god damn makeup artist I go to, tries to make me look orange (except one). I don't have an orange face, I'm quite pale actually, but they always match me with a shade too dark. And when I express my worry, I'm told that I'm wrong.

Next week I have an important date. I want to look good for it. I decided to have my makeup done professionally. So I went to MAC to book an appointment. I booked two, one today to try it out, and one next week.

I am cancelling my booking next week. I rather do my own face, than pay someone to make me look like a clown.

 She said "it's not too dark", it was; "I'll blended it...", she didn't; "it won't look cakey", it did.

I know what my face looks like, I see it every day. There is acne scarring and redness and it's not pretty. I told her I don't expect miracles, I'd rather have my unevenness peek through, than look like I'm wearing three days worth of foundation. But she had the tool belt brush holder, and used it to spackle my face and my neck... my neck people!!! my neck is just fine, I really like it's natural color.

I was praying that I won't run into anyone I know on my way home; they'd probably laugh. It took 3 makeup wipes to remove the gunk.

She did not curl my lashes. She did fill in my brows with a pencil but didn't blend it out, I had obvious streaks. I have circles under my eyes, which she did not conceal... she did not use a concealer period! did I mention I have acne scarring...

I got a "free" mascara along with my clown face... it's the most expensive mascara ever. I'm frustrated, and disappointed in myself, that I sat through it and then paid for it. Now I'm $50 poorer, and wasted 30 min of my life...

Friday, September 23, 2011

Josie Maran Bear Naked Wipes

Reason I purchased. I needed makeup wipes to remove my camouflage before my spinning classes.

Why this brand? I like the idea of my purchase helping a Polar Bear cause, and I was easily won over by the packaging.

A bit on these biodegradable towelettes. They contain aloe vera, chamomile, cucumber, and vitamin E. They are made without synthetic fragrance, parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, and phthalates.

Josie Maran claims that these wipes are gentle enough to be used to remove eye makeup. I don't use them on my eyes, I can spin with eye makeup on (and remove it with oil, once I get home).  I take my time when removing my foundation before class, but when I start sweating, and wipe my face, there are traces of makeup on my towel. So this does a good job (my post workout breakouts are no longer a daily occurrence), but not a 100% job.

Also maybe because they are free of fragrance that these sheets smell a bit plasticy to me (others find the scent quite pleasant); and I also wouldn't mind if they were a bit damper.

At $18.00 CAD ($12.00 USD) per packet, they are a bit pricey. But since Josie Maran is against animal testing, environmentally responsible, and uses natural ingredients…I will be repurchasing for the Polar Bears :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dissapointment: Laura Mercier Mascara

Laura Mercier makes some really nice stuff. I know, I have several items. But mascara doesn't seem to be one of them.
Granted what I have is a sample, that I received as part of gift with purchase; but aren't samples supposed to make you fall in love with the product so you buy the full-sized version?

Well this does not. The brush is ok, I like them a bit bigger and fuller (now I know that's a personal preference). I can live with the brush, but it's the formula that fails big time. Kinda of clumpy, but what's worse, crumbly. After a couple of hours of wear I had tiny black specks dotting my under eye area; that really doesn't need any emphasis with the circles I've had lately.  I used it twice, and tossed it.

I love majority of LM products I've tried to date. Their shadows, foundations, blushes are top notch and I haven't regretted my purchases... but I will not be buying their mascara.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser

Why is this so fabulous? I don't know. Recommended by dermatologists and chock full of parabens.  Maybe there is something to  it.... What am I saying?! There is something to it.

This cleanser is cheap, dirt cheap when I compare it to other cleansers I've spent my money on. Gets even cheaper when on sale, which if often enough. It's has a clear light yellow shampoo like consistency that has slight medicinal scent to it. I'm not disgusted by it, but I don't love it either. On the bottle it is advertised for sensitive-oily-acne prone types... that seems to be my face. First couple of uses it stung my cheeks and near my nose area. But it doesn't anymore.

It's gentle and leaves my skin feeling clean but not stripped. Currently I use it at night, but once I run out of my morning cleanser, this might become my only cleanser. It's cheap, effective, and I should have gotten over my drug store snobbery sooner....

Monday, September 19, 2011

YSL Nail Polish

The minute I saw pictures of YSL fall 2011 makeup collection online, I knew I wanted the polish. End of August I decided to start looking for it.

I went to Holt Renfrew to inquire. Line was on display but not available for purchase. The SA informed me Sept. 8th is the official release date. Good news, I can get on the list, and if I do, along with my nail polish I will receive a full sized YSL mascara for free. Bad news, Holt's is receiving only one shade of the polish (the turquoise one). I put my name down.

Sept. 8th rolls around and I don't receive a phone call (and they are very prompt at contacting me). So I stop by with Jay. The SA remembers me, and is very apologetic, the whole shipment of YSL polish went to the Yorkdale location, Bloor St. has none. She said that a number of customers have been making a trip up for it, she understands if I do to, but they will be getting some the following week.

I decided to wait. It was closer to two weeks. Someone at YSL felt bad over the miss-shipped bottles and along with the regular order of the turquoise shade they included 20 bottles of the dark blue. Because my nail polish addiction seems to be well known by now, the SA held both bottles for me, along with my free mascara.

Now when it comes to names, on other websites they are described as #43 Wintergeen  and  #44 Moonlight Blue, but on the packaging and YSL website there are only numbers 43, 44 and no actual names... but either way the shades are gorgeous...

As it stands only 5 of my fingernails are worthy to paint right now. So I'm holding off... in the meantime polish collection is growing. As for mascara, there are a few in my drawer but only one is used at a time, so that will have to wait too...

Friday, September 16, 2011

Lancôme Rénergie Eye Multiple Action

This item was not purchased, it was one of the many, many items I received here. I started to use it about a month ago, once I used up my previous day eye cream.

I like the whole concept of this product. Bottom half, a pot of very nice, creamy, easily absorbed eye moisturizer. On top a pot of under eye 'veil'. Not quite as pigmented as a concealer, but it brightens up and lightens the darkness something nice. It also has an spf 15, which is always a plus.

Each day I use more cream than I do the veil (I only need a tad of this stuff), so I'll run out of the bottom half faster than the top. However once it is all gone, I definitely see myself repurchasing, and not so much for the cream which is nice, but by no means the best, but for the veil. It's creamy easily
blend-able consistency and formulation are worth spending money on.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Klorane Frequent Use Energy Shampoo

Keeping my promise to myself and staying away from uber expensive hair shampoos and conditioners led me to purchase Klorane Frequent Use Energy shampoo at Shoppers Drug Mart. Since the bottle is double the size, I say this was a good deal.

This line is plant based and seems to be ecologically sensitive when it comes to harvesting. I am all for supporting companies that respect the environment.

As pictured, the shampoo is nice light yellow in color. The key ingredient in this bottle is citron pulp extract, which is high in carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins, and flavonoids. Major benefits for your mane: it protects your strands, adds vitality, and neutralizes hard water which results in shiny hair.

Personal opinion: it is a very nice shampoo. Light and bright. Has a citrus kind of scent that reminds me of a cologne Jay used to wear. However the scent isn't as potent, and it rinses clean and disappears once you condition.

I condition using a mix of Lush and Phyto conditioners, and my hair feels soft, fluffy and clean.

I think I'll explore this line a bit further.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Body Shop - Sweet Lemon Body Scrub

I'm getting tired of stalking Sephora, hoping that I'd find Philosophy body scrub back on the shelves. So I ventured to The Body Shop... they have quite a delicious selection of body scrubs. For my first go, I chose Sweet Lemon... yummy..
Other than the great sweet lemon scent, it is also divinely abrasive. I love my body scrubs on the rough side, and this one delivers. Used on dry skin it smooths and exfoliates my legs to perfection.
At $18.00 CAD for a 200ml container... this might turn into a regular repurchase... maybe next time I'll try grapefruit..

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lancôme Le French Touch Absolu Cult Rouge Silky Cream in Rouge Saint-Honoré 102

I went to Holts. I passed by the Lancôme counter, noticed their new limited edition nail polishes. Decided I needed them. SA approaches me, and it went something like this:

SA: May I help you?
Me: Yes I'd like both of these, please.
SA: If you want the red nail polish, you should also pick up the red lipstick from the collection. It is so beautiful.

I pick up the lipstick. It is really red. I swatch, I like, but I'm not sure. How often would I actually wear it? Where would I wear it? When would I wear it?

Me: No thank you, I already have a red lipstick.
SA: You don't have this one.
Me: Ummmm yes, but I have red.
SA: You don't understand. This is the "perfect" match to this nail polish. Come Christmas you'll paint your nails and think "gosh I wish I had a lipstick to match". You'll come to buy it, and I'll have to say, "sorry it was limited edition, we are all sold out" and you'll wish you bought it when you had a chance.
Me thinking: Is she for real with this sales pitch?... I think I am being bullied... then split second later... but what if she's right? What if come Christmas I'll be full of regrets...  Maybe I do need this red...
Me: You know what, I will take the lipstick as well.
SA: Excellent choice.

Jay (as we are walking away): You are too easy...

So now I own a Christmas red lipstick. I'll be wearing it, along with the polish. I don't regret my purchase, but I still can't get over how easily I was convinced into buying it... I'm going to avoid Lancôme counter from now on.... not for ever... but at least until the New Year :)

The lipstick itself is gorgeous. Lancôme is one of my all time faves. A lovely, retro gold metallic case, encases pure luxury... While the packaging is smaller than a standard lipstick, the contents are still the same.
Lancôme blurp "As for colour: Red, absolutely! Inspired by ""Shaker"", the first pure red lipstick from Lancôme which was created in 1945..."
 Color is intense, creamy, moisturizing.. It doesn't feel heavy when applied, and it lasts...


And while the above pictures show the color at it's full strength it can be tapped on lightly with a finger for a stain like effect... and I think with practice I can also use this color as a lovely shade of blush :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

CHANEL Illusion D'Ombre - Illusoire (83)

Other than the nail polishes from the Chanel fall collection, I wanted just one other item. It is Chanel's version of a cream powder eyeshadow, a lovely lineup of 6 colors. I swatched... I liked three... I loved one. 

I couldn't resist the call of Illusoire, a gorgeous purple-gray metallic; my current fave taupe.  In the picture below it appears charcoal in color... it was a combination of its uniqueness and light that made this beautiful shade a challenge to photograph...
 The brush was included with the pot. I haven't used it, even-though Chanel claims it is specifically designed for their gel-cream-powder shadow
 Swatches: First afternoon sunlight.. left side applied dry and blended out, right side applied wet...
 Below, shade...
 Next, with flash... the metallic sparkle shines...
 Applied with a very light hand, blended out, and photographed with flash...

Friday, September 9, 2011


Today I present 3.

Quo brush. It's nice and dense, and I acquired it years ago. I stopped using it, a few months back I picked it up again and realized why I stopped using it. It won't stop bleeding black color, no matter how many times I wash it. It's not going back in the basket.

Laura Geller pencil. The line was being discontinued at Sephora, it was dirt cheap. Still not worth it. It tugs, I feel the need to exert pressure and draw the line over and over again  to get any color payoff.

Lush It Started with a Kiss lip balm. Smells great, and if this was a lip scrub it'd be a winner. However the graininess of this product make it a total looser as a balm.  Any kiss you have with this on your lips will be your first and last simultaneously.  Plus it gets all weird after a while... see pic...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

YSL Variation Blush in Pink Bloom #2

I need a 12 step program of some sort :) I promised myself "no blushes until I use up at least one that I already own". But then I find myself passing a YSL display (3 weeks ago or so) and my eye was just drawn to this shade.  I swatched it on the back of my hand and loved it, and then I did something I never do, I requested to try it on my face. OMG I know... but I wanted it to look horrid... sadly it looked wonderful... and so here it is...
compact has a checker pattern with two squares being mate, and two with shimmer...
afternoon sun
flash - brings out the pink
this blush is so soft and beautiful, the color payoff is great, it's not too shimmery, but neither is it matte, it falls somewhere in between in the area of wonderful... package is rather small while the price is rather steep ($55.00 CAD)... no repurchase in the near future... I'm light handed when it comes to blush application anyways, this will last me a very, very long while...
afternoon sunlight

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

35% Hydrogen Peroxide as a toner

I'm on a perpetual quest to improve my complexion. One day I receive an email from my sister with some youtube links. I watch the videos… I think "Where the hell do you buy 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide?"
After some Google research, I find what I'm looking for… 

First, before I get into uses and results. If you are thinking about buying 35% H2O2 please do your research, and follow the handling instructions carefully. Major points to remember:

- 35% H202 can be lethal if ingested in its pure form. Should that occur, drink lots of water to dilute it and call your doctor or 911 immediately. Because of this if you have children in your house I would just suggest staying away from H202, unless your are 110% sure there is no way an accident can occur. CONSUMPTION OF H202 IN CONCENTRATIONS OF 10% OF MORE MAY CAUSE NEUROLOGICAL DAMAGE!

- It is also corrosive and will burn your skin if spilled (just imagine damage it can do if swallowed, eroded esophagus anyone?). So handle wearing protective clothing, take your time, and pay attention to what you're doing. Speaking of which, in the store I purchased mine at, it was located in the fridge on the bottom shelf. I pick a bottle up, it's wet I put it down, look at my hand and my skin has turned white... yup reaction is instant. I quickly wiped my hand on my pants (bleached them), and washed my hands (had a water bottle with me). No lasting permanent damage, skin is normal once again, but it freaked me out... so take care when grabbing for it. I know I'll have a pair of plastic gloves with me next time.

- Don't use any other form of H202 topically or internally other than the 35% Food Grade kind that has been properly diluted. Other forms have fillers that aren't meant for purpose I'm about to describe.

- Store undiluted portion in the freezer (it does not freeze solid) clearly marked and securely closed. H202 is unstable, but it deteriorates slowly if kept away from light and contaminants (about 10% per year) and freezing it slows down that process even further. This is the reason I bought the smallest bottle available, because I have to dilute it, it will last me a while.

Dilute H202 with distilled water not tap water which may be chlorinated. (If my high school chemistry serves me right hydrogen peroxide and chlorine make hydrochloric acid… not something  you want on your skin, no matter what the concentration.) I'm not a chemist so I actually don't know if a chemical reaction occurs at all, but I'm not willing to risk it.

Ok so before you write me off as "She has lost her mind." let me explain a tad more. 35% H202 is used in food production and  you most likely had it if you eat cheese, eggs, or whey products. Some people consume it. Just research H2O2 therapy for claims and guidelines, you start out with 3 drops a dose and work your way up. It's actually environmentally friendly... and on and on... google is your friend if you want to learn more about possible uses. And a 3% diluted solution of H202 makes for a great antiseptic. That was my aim… to use it as a toner. 

Ok so finally 1 part 35% Food Grade H2O2 to 11 parts distilled water makes a 3% strength solution. I store mine in a dry cool place in a dark glass bottle. Every day twice a day I soak a cotton pad with it and wipe my face after cleansing. I have been doing it for over a month now, and the results have been somewhat positive.  Not as drastic as I've been hoping for, I still have breakouts... but maybe that's because my skin is purging... god I hope so... I'll try to remember to post an update in another month. However since H2O2 is a bleaching agent, it has helped with lightening of existing scars. I have also managed to bleach my eyebrows and  my hair line, most noticeably near my ears. My whole head is dark brown, my sideburns are light brown, bordering on blonde :) Something to keep in mind... But it hasn't dried out my skin at all, and I will continue on using it....

I am extremely happy my sister felt compelled to share the video with me. This is the cheapest acne treatment I've tried to date, and I'm sticking with it, for at least another month or two :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weleda Almond Smoothing Facial Lotion

One day while browsing youtube I stumbled upon a new favorite. The channel is called TheBreathOfFreshAir and it is shared by two girls Marta and Aga. Their videos are in Polish so the audience is limited. Watching them reminds me how much my Polish language has deteriorated in the past 20 years :)

But getting to the point, Aga had a video with regard to skincare. She used to have problem skin, and one day decided that maybe all these cosmetics aimed at the problem are just making it worse. When you have imperfect complexion, it is already sensitive and aggravated, using aggressive cleansers and treatments would by rationale just make it worse. So she switched from cosmetics targeted at acne to cosmetics targeted at sensitive skin to calm, soothe, and heal. It worked for her... this gave me food for thought...

I decide to try Weleda (Aga had high praise for this line in her video). This company produces natural cosmetics with ingredients that are 100% certified natural raw sourced from Biodynamic farms or certified wild collection. I was also pleased to learn that this company has been certified by "NaTure an international not-for-profit organization which sets very strict, detailed standards for global certification or natural and organic cosmetic products." Weleda products are fragrance-free and hypoallergenic.

I purchased Almond Smoothing Facial Lotion, because it is aimed for sensitive combination skin. They have a cream version of this which is geared towards dry complexion. The product is contained in a 30ml aluminum tube. I love the packaging, small, compact, easy to dispense the right amount, easy to get the very last bit of it. The lotion is light and a bit runny in consistency, but it moisturizes beautifully. It absorbs quickly, is non-greasy, and I don't wake up to a greasy face. It does not smell like almonds, although I was expecting it to, it barely has any scent at all.

I definitely see myself repurchasing this, and possibly exploring the line a bit further as I use up my current products. I am willing to spend $30.00 CAD or so on a product that delivers.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Oil Cleansing Method or OCM

 I've never heard of it, until I read Rocailles blog post (one of my fave bloggers). Then I was intrigued and started to do a bit of research. Seriously I don't know how I didn't stumble upon this earlier; castor oil seems to the 'cure all' elixir. It can be use as a treatment for: 
- Multiple Sclerosis
- Parkinson's Disease
- Cerebral Palsy
- Hair loss
- Pain from Arthritis and Rheumatism
- Yeast Infections
- Constipation
- Gastrointestinal Problems
- Menstrual Disorders
- Migraines
- Acne
- Sunburn
- Athlete's Foot
- Ringworm
- Skin Abrasions
- Inflammation

It's a bit thick on its own and strong, not in scent (it barely has any) but in it's properties. So it is recommend that it should be diluted using other oils. I chose Jojoba and Sweet Almond Oil because I liked the combo, and because: 

Sweet almond oil key benefits are its skin softening properties. It also helps with irritations, cracks, eczema, diaper rash and all dermatosis.

Jojoba oil is very similar to sebum (oil secreted by our glands). So you can sort of fool your skin into reducing sebum production because it's already moisturized. It's non-toxic, non-comedogenic, and non-allergenic. Has a high concentration of Vitamin E, prevents free radical damage, and is antibacterial. It removes makeup, cleanses clogged pores and moisturizes your hair and skin.

So each person is different, and your ratios may vary. A rough recommendation:
  • Oily Skin: 30% castor oil to 70% other oil(s).
  • Balanced Skin: 20% castor oil to 80% other oil(s).
  • Dry Skin: 10% castor oil to 90% other oil(s).
My combo is 1/3 castor oil, 1/3 sweet almond oil, 1/3 jojoba oil, because my skin was in desperate need of something and I just didn't want to go the pharmaceutical way. 

I do the following every other day. After my long day I take out my bottle in which I mixed all the oils and without taking off my makeup first or washing my face I pump a bit into my palm and start to smooth and massage over my face. The scent is a bit nutty (almond oil) and sometimes it makes me hungry. I gently massage my face for about 10 - 15 minutes. At the very end I pump some more and gently wipe over my eyes to remove eye makeup and mascara Then I take a clean towel and wet it in the hottest water I can stand, wring it out, and put it on my face, letting the steam work it's magic. Once the towel is cool I gently wipe my face, and repeat 2-3 times. At the end my face feels incredibly smooth and moisturized, it glows, simply divine. I've used other beautiful cleansers, but none of them make my skin feel like this.

After my first use, the next morning, the difference in my skin was incredible. Red marks reduced, inflammation subsided, current breakouts on their way to being history. The effects have lessened as I continue to use it (meaning I don't have the dramatic differences each morning) because my skin has healed so much and is looking so much better these days ... well I think so anyways.

I don't see myself giving this up... ever. It's the cheapest, most non-toxic way to a clear healthy complexion. The only thing I see changing are the oils I dilute castor oil with. I'm thinking of trying sesame or grapeseed next.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

new favorite

I love candles. I burn one almost every single night. It's always scented. I like the light, I like the ambiance, I like the soft waft of delicate perfume...

My new favorite isn't a particular brand but type when it comes to candles. I love candles with bamboo wicks. They are thin and wide and I love the way they burn. They don't burn quietly though, the sound reminds me of scratchy paper... hmmmm I don't know if that makes sense... but it's a scratchy kind of sound....

Anyways if you like candles and don't mind light sound when they burn, I recommend a bamboo wick type candle :)

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Stilla's Lip & Cheek Stain pen in Coconut Crush

I did not purchase this item. The weekend of Aug 6-7 Sephora had a VIB treat that I took advantage of. If you were a VIB member and spent over $35.00 on merchandise you received a box with a whole bunch of treats. I gave away most, but I kept 3 for myself. One of them being Stilla's Lip & Cheek Stain pen in Coconut Crush a champagne bronze.
This is my first Stilla lip item, so I looked it up on Sephora. The gimmick of this product is that it reacts with the pH level of your skin to "create a perfectly personalized hue". The formula contains antioxidants, vitamins A,C, and E, and fruit extracts which slow down the degradation of collagen.

So here we go with the swatches. The color looked very promising... and as you can see it is a brush applicator. It smells absolutely delicious... that is if you enjoy coconut type scents :)
 hmmmm on my arm the color applied unevenly and on the sheer side... but the color once again looked promising... a kind of rusty red...
late afternoon sunlight
 On the left the swatch wiped off... on the right a dab blended in... and I hate it... On my skin tone with my pH this shade turns into a bruise or maybe a weird skin discoloration... either way  not flattering at all. The sparkle doesn't really translate; it's there, but once you blend the product it goes all over the place, and it's not pretty.
late afternoon sunlight
 the same thing for my lips, I don't know if you can tell from my pictures, but the application was really uneven, and blotchy, and I layered this on... once again the sparkle settled into lines and just wasn't flattering... the formula is kind of watery and drying at the same time. I did not like the feel of this on my lips on its own... and I wasn't won over by the color.
late afternoon sunlight
Impressions. At $32.00 CAD ($24.00 USD) I am really happy that it was free, because I'd hate to waste my money on it. While the coconut scent is lovely, it's not lovely enough. I really dislike this color (on my skin tone), I wasn't won over by the formula, and don't wish to spend my own money to try a different shade. Overall... very blah...