Wednesday, September 7, 2011

35% Hydrogen Peroxide as a toner

I'm on a perpetual quest to improve my complexion. One day I receive an email from my sister with some youtube links. I watch the videos… I think "Where the hell do you buy 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide?"
After some Google research, I find what I'm looking for… 

First, before I get into uses and results. If you are thinking about buying 35% H2O2 please do your research, and follow the handling instructions carefully. Major points to remember:

- 35% H202 can be lethal if ingested in its pure form. Should that occur, drink lots of water to dilute it and call your doctor or 911 immediately. Because of this if you have children in your house I would just suggest staying away from H202, unless your are 110% sure there is no way an accident can occur. CONSUMPTION OF H202 IN CONCENTRATIONS OF 10% OF MORE MAY CAUSE NEUROLOGICAL DAMAGE!

- It is also corrosive and will burn your skin if spilled (just imagine damage it can do if swallowed, eroded esophagus anyone?). So handle wearing protective clothing, take your time, and pay attention to what you're doing. Speaking of which, in the store I purchased mine at, it was located in the fridge on the bottom shelf. I pick a bottle up, it's wet I put it down, look at my hand and my skin has turned white... yup reaction is instant. I quickly wiped my hand on my pants (bleached them), and washed my hands (had a water bottle with me). No lasting permanent damage, skin is normal once again, but it freaked me out... so take care when grabbing for it. I know I'll have a pair of plastic gloves with me next time.

- Don't use any other form of H202 topically or internally other than the 35% Food Grade kind that has been properly diluted. Other forms have fillers that aren't meant for purpose I'm about to describe.

- Store undiluted portion in the freezer (it does not freeze solid) clearly marked and securely closed. H202 is unstable, but it deteriorates slowly if kept away from light and contaminants (about 10% per year) and freezing it slows down that process even further. This is the reason I bought the smallest bottle available, because I have to dilute it, it will last me a while.

Dilute H202 with distilled water not tap water which may be chlorinated. (If my high school chemistry serves me right hydrogen peroxide and chlorine make hydrochloric acid… not something  you want on your skin, no matter what the concentration.) I'm not a chemist so I actually don't know if a chemical reaction occurs at all, but I'm not willing to risk it.

Ok so before you write me off as "She has lost her mind." let me explain a tad more. 35% H202 is used in food production and  you most likely had it if you eat cheese, eggs, or whey products. Some people consume it. Just research H2O2 therapy for claims and guidelines, you start out with 3 drops a dose and work your way up. It's actually environmentally friendly... and on and on... google is your friend if you want to learn more about possible uses. And a 3% diluted solution of H202 makes for a great antiseptic. That was my aim… to use it as a toner. 

Ok so finally 1 part 35% Food Grade H2O2 to 11 parts distilled water makes a 3% strength solution. I store mine in a dry cool place in a dark glass bottle. Every day twice a day I soak a cotton pad with it and wipe my face after cleansing. I have been doing it for over a month now, and the results have been somewhat positive.  Not as drastic as I've been hoping for, I still have breakouts... but maybe that's because my skin is purging... god I hope so... I'll try to remember to post an update in another month. However since H2O2 is a bleaching agent, it has helped with lightening of existing scars. I have also managed to bleach my eyebrows and  my hair line, most noticeably near my ears. My whole head is dark brown, my sideburns are light brown, bordering on blonde :) Something to keep in mind... But it hasn't dried out my skin at all, and I will continue on using it....

I am extremely happy my sister felt compelled to share the video with me. This is the cheapest acne treatment I've tried to date, and I'm sticking with it, for at least another month or two :)

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