Monday, September 26, 2011

Another MAC Dissapointment

Well this really couldn't come at a worst time. I was a bit peeved with MAC on Saturday, and then Sunday this happens.

This 187 mini belongs to a mini set from the 2010 Holiday Tartan collection. I used it, but not frequently. The brush had no visible wear to it. The gold lettering hasn't started to fade. I take very good care with my brushes when cleaning, making sure no water seeps down... and then this....

I used it Sunday morning. I wash it, I slip it into my Sigma Dry'n Shape, I gently tug the handle down and it comes through, not the bristles tough... I was so surprised, I just stood there, not quite believing what just happened... What kind of cheap glue was used here??? It didn't shed... it just all disintegrated at once. Now I'm worried about the durability of all the minis from this collection... plus the 3 I own from the permanent line.

I think I will just stick to MAC lip products (they are lovely) and nail lacquers... but I don't see myself spending anymore of my money on their services or brushes.... yikes!!!


  1. that is such a shame. Most of my brushes are from MAC. I hope this never happens to any of them. Can you return it maybe?

  2. I wish I thought before I did sometimes... I threw it out, but I should have taken it back.

  3. I was thinking of buying a mac 188. Your post is helpful. Thanks!