Thursday, September 1, 2011

Braun Silk-épil Xpressive

I love gadgets that save me money. I despise being waxed, but I love being smooth. This little gadget is the best money I ever spent. If I remember correctly is was around $150.00 CAD a couple of years ago or so. It has paid for itself several times over. 

Before I made my purchase I researched every single one of the type I could find. Compared pros vs cons. Then when I decided on make and model, I sourced out the cheapest place to buy it at.

I haven't had my legs waxed since I got it. The first time I used it, a big glass of wine and a couple of extra strength Advil helped the process along. I hadn't had to resort to either since. It doesn't hurt, I kind of like it actually… maybe years of waxing have conditioned my pain threshold. I use it every couple of days after I exfoliate, for smooth gams year round.

This little gadget came with an assortment of attachments, and can be used wet or dry. I'm partial to a couple of little extras, the rest collect dust in my drawer; and I never used it wet, because I feel hair removal is more effective on dry skin, unless of course you're shaving.
All the little attachments are included because this epilator claims to  be able to remove hair anywhere on your body. But I don't have the guts to put this anywhere near my face or underarms. I envy you if you do.

Overall this is awesome for a do-it-yourself gal or gent, who's not afraid of a little discomfort :)

On a side note. Jay wanted to know what it felt like, so I touched it to his arm. After a very colorful expletive (I think the neighbors heard), he announced I am crazy for using it.

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