Friday, September 2, 2011


This is my second money saving gadget that I acquired about two months ago.  I saw an ad for it in a beauty magazine that Jay brought home one day. Being one of the unlucky ones who has been a victim of a traumatic lip wax that removed the top layer of skin along with the peach fuzz, and it was done by a "trained professional" not myself, I decided to live with my lady stache rather than risk permanent scarring.

Until, that is I saw an ad for this. I decided to order; just one, in lavender along with the pouch to store it in. My total came to around $20.00 CAD (free shipping in Canada) and it arrived promptly as well.

Once I received it, I put off using it for about 3 weeks. This is a tightly woven coil, I remembered when I used to get my arm hair caught in a cheap bracelet that I had as a kid, and how it stung; so I put it off.

Eventually curiosity won over, and one evening after I cleansed my skin I decided to give it a try. And "OH MY $#&#%^#$#!!!!! IT HURTS!!!!!" Lord, I have a hairy upper lip… hahahahaha, this brought tears to my eyes. But I'm not a quitter, and worked on it until I could stand it no more.

Disregarding the first-time-use pain, this thing is pretty awesome. Now I use it every day or every other day for maintenance and while it's not the greatest sensation in the world, the results are worth it. No skinning, no scabbing, no redness. :) Highly recommended :)

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