Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lancôme Le French Touch Absolu Cult Rouge Silky Cream in Rouge Saint-Honoré 102

I went to Holts. I passed by the Lancôme counter, noticed their new limited edition nail polishes. Decided I needed them. SA approaches me, and it went something like this:

SA: May I help you?
Me: Yes I'd like both of these, please.
SA: If you want the red nail polish, you should also pick up the red lipstick from the collection. It is so beautiful.

I pick up the lipstick. It is really red. I swatch, I like, but I'm not sure. How often would I actually wear it? Where would I wear it? When would I wear it?

Me: No thank you, I already have a red lipstick.
SA: You don't have this one.
Me: Ummmm yes, but I have red.
SA: You don't understand. This is the "perfect" match to this nail polish. Come Christmas you'll paint your nails and think "gosh I wish I had a lipstick to match". You'll come to buy it, and I'll have to say, "sorry it was limited edition, we are all sold out" and you'll wish you bought it when you had a chance.
Me thinking: Is she for real with this sales pitch?... I think I am being bullied... then split second later... but what if she's right? What if come Christmas I'll be full of regrets...  Maybe I do need this red...
Me: You know what, I will take the lipstick as well.
SA: Excellent choice.

Jay (as we are walking away): You are too easy...

So now I own a Christmas red lipstick. I'll be wearing it, along with the polish. I don't regret my purchase, but I still can't get over how easily I was convinced into buying it... I'm going to avoid Lancôme counter from now on.... not for ever... but at least until the New Year :)

The lipstick itself is gorgeous. Lancôme is one of my all time faves. A lovely, retro gold metallic case, encases pure luxury... While the packaging is smaller than a standard lipstick, the contents are still the same.
Lancôme blurp "As for colour: Red, absolutely! Inspired by ""Shaker"", the first pure red lipstick from Lancôme which was created in 1945..."
 Color is intense, creamy, moisturizing.. It doesn't feel heavy when applied, and it lasts...


And while the above pictures show the color at it's full strength it can be tapped on lightly with a finger for a stain like effect... and I think with practice I can also use this color as a lovely shade of blush :)

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