Saturday, September 24, 2011

MAC Disaster

I don't know why every god damn makeup artist I go to, tries to make me look orange (except one). I don't have an orange face, I'm quite pale actually, but they always match me with a shade too dark. And when I express my worry, I'm told that I'm wrong.

Next week I have an important date. I want to look good for it. I decided to have my makeup done professionally. So I went to MAC to book an appointment. I booked two, one today to try it out, and one next week.

I am cancelling my booking next week. I rather do my own face, than pay someone to make me look like a clown.

 She said "it's not too dark", it was; "I'll blended it...", she didn't; "it won't look cakey", it did.

I know what my face looks like, I see it every day. There is acne scarring and redness and it's not pretty. I told her I don't expect miracles, I'd rather have my unevenness peek through, than look like I'm wearing three days worth of foundation. But she had the tool belt brush holder, and used it to spackle my face and my neck... my neck people!!! my neck is just fine, I really like it's natural color.

I was praying that I won't run into anyone I know on my way home; they'd probably laugh. It took 3 makeup wipes to remove the gunk.

She did not curl my lashes. She did fill in my brows with a pencil but didn't blend it out, I had obvious streaks. I have circles under my eyes, which she did not conceal... she did not use a concealer period! did I mention I have acne scarring...

I got a "free" mascara along with my clown face... it's the most expensive mascara ever. I'm frustrated, and disappointed in myself, that I sat through it and then paid for it. Now I'm $50 poorer, and wasted 30 min of my life...


  1. I had a MAC artist apply foundation on me once and after I left the store, people were staring at me. She did not bother to blend, I had streaks on my face. I'm not a makeup artist but I could have done a better job.

  2. I have had good luck at the Laura Mercier counter at holts and I've even had 2 good experiences getting my face done at Sephora. What's great about Sephora is you need to buy a $50 gift card but don't need to use it during the appointment. Works well for me! (Sarah and Liz at the bloor street store have done me before and I liked my face both times)

  3. LM artist is the only one that matched me correctly to a shade of foundation, I should have gone there... But I do also want to try Sephora, especially since they have Temptu :)