Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Weleda Almond Smoothing Facial Lotion

One day while browsing youtube I stumbled upon a new favorite. The channel is called TheBreathOfFreshAir and it is shared by two girls Marta and Aga. Their videos are in Polish so the audience is limited. Watching them reminds me how much my Polish language has deteriorated in the past 20 years :)

But getting to the point, Aga had a video with regard to skincare. She used to have problem skin, and one day decided that maybe all these cosmetics aimed at the problem are just making it worse. When you have imperfect complexion, it is already sensitive and aggravated, using aggressive cleansers and treatments would by rationale just make it worse. So she switched from cosmetics targeted at acne to cosmetics targeted at sensitive skin to calm, soothe, and heal. It worked for her... this gave me food for thought...

I decide to try Weleda (Aga had high praise for this line in her video). This company produces natural cosmetics with ingredients that are 100% certified natural raw sourced from Biodynamic farms or certified wild collection. I was also pleased to learn that this company has been certified by "NaTure an international not-for-profit organization which sets very strict, detailed standards for global certification or natural and organic cosmetic products." Weleda products are fragrance-free and hypoallergenic.

I purchased Almond Smoothing Facial Lotion, because it is aimed for sensitive combination skin. They have a cream version of this which is geared towards dry complexion. The product is contained in a 30ml aluminum tube. I love the packaging, small, compact, easy to dispense the right amount, easy to get the very last bit of it. The lotion is light and a bit runny in consistency, but it moisturizes beautifully. It absorbs quickly, is non-greasy, and I don't wake up to a greasy face. It does not smell like almonds, although I was expecting it to, it barely has any scent at all.

I definitely see myself repurchasing this, and possibly exploring the line a bit further as I use up my current products. I am willing to spend $30.00 CAD or so on a product that delivers.

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  1. Good review. I was thinking about giving this product a try and this helped me out:)