Monday, September 19, 2011

YSL Nail Polish

The minute I saw pictures of YSL fall 2011 makeup collection online, I knew I wanted the polish. End of August I decided to start looking for it.

I went to Holt Renfrew to inquire. Line was on display but not available for purchase. The SA informed me Sept. 8th is the official release date. Good news, I can get on the list, and if I do, along with my nail polish I will receive a full sized YSL mascara for free. Bad news, Holt's is receiving only one shade of the polish (the turquoise one). I put my name down.

Sept. 8th rolls around and I don't receive a phone call (and they are very prompt at contacting me). So I stop by with Jay. The SA remembers me, and is very apologetic, the whole shipment of YSL polish went to the Yorkdale location, Bloor St. has none. She said that a number of customers have been making a trip up for it, she understands if I do to, but they will be getting some the following week.

I decided to wait. It was closer to two weeks. Someone at YSL felt bad over the miss-shipped bottles and along with the regular order of the turquoise shade they included 20 bottles of the dark blue. Because my nail polish addiction seems to be well known by now, the SA held both bottles for me, along with my free mascara.

Now when it comes to names, on other websites they are described as #43 Wintergeen  and  #44 Moonlight Blue, but on the packaging and YSL website there are only numbers 43, 44 and no actual names... but either way the shades are gorgeous...

As it stands only 5 of my fingernails are worthy to paint right now. So I'm holding off... in the meantime polish collection is growing. As for mascara, there are a few in my drawer but only one is used at a time, so that will have to wait too...

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