Thursday, September 8, 2011

YSL Variation Blush in Pink Bloom #2

I need a 12 step program of some sort :) I promised myself "no blushes until I use up at least one that I already own". But then I find myself passing a YSL display (3 weeks ago or so) and my eye was just drawn to this shade.  I swatched it on the back of my hand and loved it, and then I did something I never do, I requested to try it on my face. OMG I know... but I wanted it to look horrid... sadly it looked wonderful... and so here it is...
compact has a checker pattern with two squares being mate, and two with shimmer...
afternoon sun
flash - brings out the pink
this blush is so soft and beautiful, the color payoff is great, it's not too shimmery, but neither is it matte, it falls somewhere in between in the area of wonderful... package is rather small while the price is rather steep ($55.00 CAD)... no repurchase in the near future... I'm light handed when it comes to blush application anyways, this will last me a very, very long while...
afternoon sunlight

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