Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Juice Beauty - Green Apple Peel (full strength)

I've seen Juice beauty on The Shopping Channel several times (Sephora in Toronto used to carry it at one point in time too.  I've tried a couple of products, liked them, but the price was a bit prohibitive for me at that time.)
When this product came on, I was a tad amazed. The representative has done many demonstrations over time with it. She smooths it onto the back of her hand to show consistency and such. This has lightened her sun spots and unevenness so well, that the company has request of her not to stop, but use it to demonstrate the effectiveness of this gem. Before and after picture from the Shopping Channel.
I was sold, and imagined my dark post-acne marks fading off my face. Each jar retails for $42.00 CAD, luckily for me that day on the TSC, they were having a two for one deal.

There are two versions of this stuff: regular strength (no messing around that's what I got), but they also have a less potent version for sensitive skin types. The product smells like apples (but not that artificial green apple smell, more like fresh apple cider), and is rather thin in consistency. It dries a bit on your face, but does not become so hard you can't talk.
From the box:
"A potent alpha and beta hydroxy acid complex from organic apple, lemon, grape, raw cane sugar and willow bark delivers spa-grade exfoliation, revealing a brighter complexion while firming the skin and eliminating the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles."

On the package you are informed that you may feel a bit of a "tingling sensations". Everyone knows this translates into "burning/stinging" lol… I read reviews of others :)

I am happy to report I felt no "tingling", but as I was sitting, reading, and waiting for my 10 min to expire, my face started to feel warmer and warmer.

Time's up and I go to wash  it off. Glance in the bathroom mirror, and "YIKES!!!"  I look like… well like I just got a peel. My face is beet red… beet!!!!  This product is definitely for those nights you are staying in.

However other than the redness, which I'm happy to report went away after a couple of hours, it did not affect my face in any negative way. Rather it left it feeling smooth, supple, and refined.

Together with my OCM and H202 toner I think I am finally on my way to clearer, even toned complexion most of the time.

I use this once a week and hope that The Shopping Chanel will have a two for one deal once again when I start running low, because I will be repurchasing.

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