Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lancôme Ôscillation Powerbooster Lash Primer and Conditioner

This product is also from my infamous haul. I have never used a lash primer before. When I first reached for this I was very skeptical, as to what kind of benefits if any this was supposed to provide.
So some research first. From Lancôme:
"Ôscillation Powerbooster is a lash primer that boosts the appearance of natural lash growth with a vibrating wand. Lashes are able to reach their full potential with the combined effort of the oscillating wand and a new, innovative formula that contains the Crescentia™ complex, a conditioning formula creates lashes that are stronger and more supple and nurtures thin, fragile lashes back to health. The wand completely wraps around each lash for a smooth surface that has maximum separation and coverage. Applied under any mascara, you will immediately see visibly longer, thicker, and more separated lashes. By combining the Crescentia™ complex with the vibrations, the wand massages and nourishes each lash—creating lash expansion that continues day after day."  

The part of how each of my lashes is gently massaged made me giggle... seriously??? Anyways I can not use this in vibration mode, it just drives me crazy. First you have to hold the button down while using it, second all the vibration seems to be in the cap (where the button is). This one hell of a gimmick, and nothing more in my opinion.

The product itself is rather lovely. It doesn't clump, and it coats my lashes evenly. Applying mascara after is not a problem either, no clumping, lashes are thicker and a bit fuller.

Since I started to use this, my lashes don't fall out as often as they used to, and upon close examination they do appear healthier. But will I pay the money to buy it once I use this tube up? That's a toughie. I checked online and it retails for $39.00! That's a lot of money for a lash primer. I think I'll wait, and see if the the look of my lashes deteriorates once I stop using it before I open my wallet.

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