Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lancôme Teint Miracle Foundation

This bottle was a part of my massive haul a while back. The shade is too dark for me, but I do have a bottle of foundation that is a touch too light, and during the summer I used it to darken my other foundations that became a tad too light. Even daily use of sunblock didn't protect me completely from sunlight and getting a bit of color.

Since I used this in conjunction with other foundations I can not speak of how it worked for me on it's own, but as an additive it was superb. I chose this picture specifically to show the shimmer that's in this coverage. It did not looked sparkly, but added a lovely luminosity to my skin. Granted I only used a tad and it was diluted with something matte.

As for wear time... well my combos lasted for about 6 hours... but I  needed to blot after 3. Would I purchase with my own money... ummm I don't think so... simply because I looked at the color range and it's seriously hard to match... I kind of lucked out with this shade that mixes so well with what I already own...

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