Sunday, October 9, 2011

Vauxhall - Crowning Glory Nettle Hair Treatment

My sister and I do our weekly food shopping together at a farmer's market, Evergreen Brick Works for those who know it.

We love it there. They have everything local and organic, from fruit, veggies, to oils, jams, meat, fish, dairy, skincare, and on and on. We have our favorite vendors, that we visit each week. Then we browse and buy other stuff that appeals to us.

Few weeks back I decided to purchase a cosmetic product. The bottle of their carrot oil looks so incredibly beautiful, that I just thought "I want something from here". This company makes a whole range of products, most of which do not contain water, so they are extra rich and potent.

I was drawn to this little bottle. I have fine, short, hair that lately is on track to becoming even finer. It has been falling out like crazy… I feel it's because I'm feeling a bit stressed, so I'm trying not to stress, but my hair is stressing me out :) What a vicious circle.

This tonic set me back $5.00 CAD. Instructions state to use the whole bottle at once, but I found that to be way too much, and I used a 1/4 at a time, which made this purchase rather cost efficient.

It came with little information sheet. The bottle contains extra virgin olive oil, and nettle oil. Throughout history it seems these two oils have proven themselves over and over to be hair saviors. I felt I had nothing to loose.

To use, apply oil onto dry scalp and hair. Massage in well, and leave alone for at least 5 minutes, but longer is preferable. There is no maximum, you may slap a shower cap on and sleep with it if you wish.

When I opened the bottle and took a sniff, the product smelled herbal and medicinal at the same time. Not really pleasant but I felt I could stand it. So I start to massage it in… and OH MY GAWD!!! this shit stinks. I know scents can be very individual and what one person finds nauseating, another may not be bothered by it at all. Well with this stuff I fall into the first group. Jeeez… yuck… I want to gag just thinking about it… To me personally this smells like a pee alley… a dirty stinky pee alley. (I'm sure it doesn't smell like pee, there should be other descriptions for it that describe this offensive smell more accurately… but that is what my nostrils register.) Maybe it's the nettle oil… because I've always liked olive oil… or the combination of both that makes is so gawd awful gagging.

To keep this on my hair and not toss my cookies, I wrapped my head in saran wrap. Advice: use this when home alone, unless you are set on odor punishment for someone, or they just love you so much they are willing to suffer it…

So I distracted myself with internet and lived with it for about two hours, hoping that it doesn't linger once I wash and condition. Good news it doesn't :)

As for results. Oh my… my hair was so incredibly soft and shiny once it dried (air dry, I use my blow drier like 5 time  a year). So, so, so soft and silky, that I plan to smell like a pee alley once a week and see if this has some hair growth and strengthening properties, as well :) It does weigh down my hair a bit, and the next day it is soft and shiny but a bit flat, but after another wash it's just soft and shiny and mostly fluffy once again :)

Overall… smell it first… if you can stand it…. I highly recommend you use it :)

Yesterday I purchased a 120ml bottle of this stuff for $15.00 CAD.. it's growing on me :)

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