Wednesday, November 30, 2011

THANK YOU!!! and cake

Huge thanks to all our guests for their heartfelt wishes, incredible generosity, and making our day so special... Thank you to all our well wishers, your words were most welcome :)
One last thing to post regarding to our wedding is our cake :) Jay found THE best vegan chocolate cupcakes ever!!! We love cupcakes, we know many of our guests do too. So we decided to get one giant cupcake as our cake, and an assortment of regular sized cupcakes for our guests. I wanted our giant cupcake to be frosted with white, Jay added the gold leaf. The regular sized cupcakes were an assortment of rainbow colors.

We enjoyed our giant cupcake all week long.. looking forward to our one year anniversary when we order another one.

The bakery that makes the most, dense, chocolaty, moist, vegan cupcakes is OMG Baked Goodness Ltd. ... and the name fits the product perfectly... with your first bite you can help but exclaim OMG! :)
yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum.... :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

the photographer: Scott Williams, Capturing the Light

I have to brag about this man, simply have to.

When Jay and I decided to become officially married and have a few friends and family witness it, there were only two things we weren't going to comprise on: food/drinks and photos. Those two things ate up over 3/4 of our budget… yup no compromise.

Choosing a venue was simple, I had two places in mind. But I've been dreaming of Canoe for a very long time… and so as luck would have it, that's were we hosted our shindig.

Photographer was a bit of a tougher choice. I attended wedding shows… but none caught my eye… pretty, but standard. I surfed the net for days… found potential candidates… but none that really made me go WOW.

Then, one day somehow I stumbled upon Scott's blog, and jeez he had me hooked from the first picture. His style is uniquely photojournalistic… photos, simply stunning… I have viewed them over and over again, and never get tired of the way he captures moments…

I sent Jay an email with a link to his blog, saying this is the guy. Jay couldn't agree more. That was 14 months ago, we met with him and booked him that week. We chose one of the pricier packages he offers because well, we had the money for it, and as I said we weren't about to cheap out on something that was really important to both of us.

Scott is incredibly personable, funny, easy to work with, and did I mention talented :) His company of one is called Capturing the Light, and if you want to document an event and or people in your life with pictures that you'll cherish and love forever… he is the one you want :)

here are four from our day :) - LINK

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Monday, November 28, 2011

the decor: Natasha Manji at Berries & Blooms and Ikea

I didn't have a lot of decorating to do. Our rooms were gorgeous, but I did want flowers for our 4 tables :)

Jay made an appointment at a certain flower shop. We went, discussed what we or I :) was looking for, gave our maximum budget. A few days later she sent us a quote and it was 300% more than I wanted to spend!!! I'm not sure which part of the word "max" she didn't understand, but I didn't want to deal with someone who didn't even come close.

We thought we were on our own for decor. My sister told me of a grocery flower shop that did flowers for a wedding we both attended, she was a brides maid,  I was a guest :). We went to the grocery store... we liked what we heard, sadly they were already overbooked for that day, and could not take another job.

I was ready to give up but luckily Jay run into Natasha who works for a wonderful flower company called Berries & Blooms. He liked their work a lot, informed her what we were looking for. She sent us a quote which was right on my budget. I was happy.

Originally I wanted to mimic my bouquet, all white with a red daisy… the words "random" and "tacky" were used to describe my idea… Instead we went with all white flowers with a black sash around the vase and a red poppy pin… I must say it looked elegant, classy, and beautiful… I don't claim to have any design or decor sense :)

On each table we had one 5" glass cube vase filled with white hydrangeas, roses, bouvardia, and rananculus (arrangement roughly 10"), and two small arrangements of the same in 3" glass cube vases  (arrangement roughly 6"). These were complimented with 3 glass pillars and candles all from Ikea, very budget friendly and some tea lights. All in all I say our tables looked pretty spiffy :)

Pictured below the 5" glass cube arrangement...
We also got wrist corsages of white roses and bouvardia for our mothers and my maid of honor, and boutonnieres of white roses and rananculus for our fathers and Jay's best man.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

the venue: Canoe Restaurant.... and One of Kind Show

Year and years ago straight out of high school, I had no idea what to do with the rest of my life. My mom said "You are not allowed to do nothing, if you're not going to university, pick a trade and learn it, so you always have something." So after some though, I thought "Hey, I like to eat, I'll learn how to cook and bake some really good stuff." So I studied culinary management for 2 years and then worked in the industry for another 3, before I decided "I really can't do this for the rest of my life", and pursued another career venue which was the right move for me since eventually I became a vegan :)

Part of my education included a co-op placement in a restaurant. Because I'm one smart cookie, I lucked out and was placed at Canoe restaurant for 8 weeks. It is one of the most upscale places to eat at in Toronto. The restaurant didn't have to accept me, I had to interview for a position I wasn't going to get paid for :) I really enjoyed my time there, learned a lot… and imagined myself having a dinner party there one day as a guest not an employee…

Since our party consisted of 39 guests plus the two of us, we booked both of the party rooms at Canoe. There is an option to buy out the restaurant, but that was way more than our budget would allow.

We were married in one, and dined in the other. 54 floors above Toronto facing the lake, was an ideal location for us. We think our guest loved it as well.

An hour for mingling, apps, cocktails, and cake cutting… before we all settled down.

I chose the menu with this thought in my mind "Who am I feeding?" I like to think I covered everyones preferences. Two options for apps, three for main, and two for dessert. Our guests made their choices that day.

For wine we stuck with Ontario vintages. We are both huge fans of our local wines, and Oliver Bonacini had just what we were looking for, both in price and taste.
The meal was fantastic… the evening enchanting… for Jay and I that is… it was what we wanted… a blur of events captured on film :)

By the way on a random note One of a Kind show is happening now at the Direct Energy Center at the Exhibition. Jay and I went yesterday... the show is huge... so much great stuff.. we didn't leave empty handed...
Our haul:
4 mustards (love my mustard)
1 jam (it's raspberry rose... yum I had a taste at the show)
5 cans of tea (they are all so delicious)
2 earthenware wine cups
2 great t-shirts
1 body butter
2 mini cream tins (looking to test them out)
1 tat butter (for Jay's arm)
- and a few other random things that are meant as presents and therefore not pictured or listed

Saturday, November 26, 2011

the outfit

Did I achieve the wedding custom?
Something Old - YES - my grandmother's necklace, my earrings...
Something New - YES - shoes, dress, fascinator....
Something Borrowed - YES - my grandmother's necklace
Something Blue - YES - well I say yes... I had accents of turquoise/teal and I feel both belong to the blue family :)

Friday, November 25, 2011

the tags: his and mine

Jay and I differ in tastes… sometimes. We did not feel the need to have matching bands, which is a good thing, because one or both of us would have ended up compromising.

I thought about my band for over a year. Searched and compared. Had quite a few style changes, didn't know what I really wanted. One Sunday afternoon we're passing by a jewelry store, their lease is expiring, they're having a moving sale with 60%-70% off everything. We walk in…

Let me back track a bit. About 8 years ago, one Sunday afternoon Jay and I pass a store that is having a moving sale 60%-70% off everything. We walk in, and I walk out with two strings of pearls and a pretty gold ring with 4 diamonds that look like stars (there was only one, it fit perfectly on my ring finger). It received a companion 5 years later…

So the fact that once again I was in a store with a closing sale was a bit of déjà vu. But then I see it… there is only one left… it is my size… I try it on… and stop searching.

A simple gold band is classic, timeless, beautiful, and totally me.

Jay on the other hand, is a Damascus steel kind of guy, but pays homage to my gold band with a vein of gold running through the steel… very pretty. He found his band on Etsy from Stonebrook Jewelry... Etsy came through for us a lot :)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

the bouquet: Felt and Found from Etsy

We did not plan a traditional wedding. We planned a dinner party, with a quick vow exchange as a pre-dinner entertainment :)

There was going to be no bouquet toss, so I wasn't sure if I wanted a bouquet. My friend advised me over dinner:

M: You want something pretty to hold in your hands.
Me: I have my sparkly purse. 
M: Bahhh purse... (she scoffed)...

Well alrighty then I thought. She got married, her wedding was somewhat unconventional but gorgeous at the same time, and she had a bouquet... maybe she was onto something here...

I decided not to have real flowers, but a memento that will last for years. At first I wanted one of those brooch bouquets, but those things can run you up to $500 and more before you know it, thats a lot of limited editions to pass up in the near future.

Further browsing on Etsy led me to Felt and Found… and lordy when I found it, I felt it. This was it, approximately same price as a real flower bridal bouquet from a flower shop, gorgeous, and lasting :). I custom ordered my bouquet via email exchange with Meg. I wanted white and cream, with touches of teal, and one red poppy like flower, because Nov. 11th was Remembrance Day (Veterans Day).
Meg is an artist, who brought my vision to life. I couldn't be happier with my choice or with her work. Every single time I glance at it… my mind replays moments of that day… happiness are felt flowers :)
However I must add that there was a bit of a pricey surprise with regards to this bouquet. When I ordered it I paid for it and shipping as well. I was really shocked when I received a notice from UPS that I must pay $101.00 customs fees in order to receive my package. It was more than what I paid for the bouquet in the first place... I paid it (what else what I going to do??).
I informed Meg of the high UPS charges when one ships to Canada, so that she may research other shipping options. She was really sorry, and met me half way on the customs bill.

She is a talented artist, and I love my bouquet...
The bouquet did not come wrapped with ribbon. I did that myself, I saw the look online, and I really liked it...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

the purse: Coach Sequin Pouch

Purchased on Hautelook shortly after the shoes. Discount was ridiculous. This little thing retailed for $230 CAD + taxes in Toronto stores... I paid less than half of that. Crossed my fingers that my computer screen shows colors true and waited... Yay technology... shoes and bag are a perfect match :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

the shoes: Christian Louboutin Fifi 100 Suede Square Metal in Turqouise and Peal & Co from Brooks Brothers

Some of you already know this story, but I feel the need to re-write it here. This is how it went down.

The first item I bought four our wedding is shoes. That was about over a year before the date. I took advice of some very well meaning friends not to postpone outfit shopping but browse and decide as soon as possible. So I've been keeping my eyes open and one Sunday afternoon (most of my shopping stories happen on a Sunday), browsing through Yorkville, we stumble into Holts (Jay and I), touch a lot of stuff, buy nothing. We decide to check out their shoe section.

I pass a pair of YSL shoes, love them on the spot, pick them up... whoa!!!! $1500.00, put them down... they are no longer so appealing to me. I just cannot spend more on shoes than my mortgage. I decide there is nothing for me at Holt's shoe department. On our way out Jay pauses, picks up a shoe, and says "what about this one".... and it is gorgeous, simple, no frills, but colorful, I would love to own it, check the price.... ouch!!!! I say I don't know".... Jay says "You don't have to buy it... just try it on... see how they fit." Before I can think about it, he catches the eye of a sales person... next thing I know I'm walking around in a pair of shoes I only dream of... (I notice there is a matching clutch as well... I don't understand how it can be more expensive than the shoes.)

Jay: "What do you think...?"
Me: " I love them... but baby... the price... I don't think I can afford them."
Jay: "I think they're awesome, let me buy them for you."
Me: "What? Really? You'll get these for me?"
Jay: "Yes... come on wrap them up."

There is no visible cash register at Holt's shoe department. You are navigated to a comfy leather couch, the sales person takes away your card, and comes back with your bill in a leather folder, your shoes in a bag with plenty of tissue paper.

As we are making our way to the couch, I'm sure I was floating... Jay reaches into his back pocket for his wallet... takes it out... and...

Jay: "I forgot my card..."
Me: "What?!"
Jay: "I left my card at home..."
Me: crashing very hard to earth... "You bitch..."

So I bought my own shoes... Jay was sorry. We laughed about it. He promised that the next two pairs are on him…

These are the most expensive part of my outfit…  but can't say I regret the splurge :)
 These pumps may not look it, but the heel is rather skinny and they are rather high. For someone who wears sneakers 90% of the time, it was quite an adjustment. I practiced walking before the day, because while the shoes fit, their height made my toes go numb :) ... still no regrets... 
Jay wanted some pretty shoes as well. We went to Brooks Brothers for his pair... it wasn't quite as pricey as mine, but close enough... I ended up paying for that pair as well :) Pictured only one, they're pretty but they are no pumps :)... plus those puppies are huge... 

Monday, November 21, 2011

the other accessories: Tiffany, mom's necklace, Jay's cufflinks

For my ears Tiffany Bead earrings in sterling silver, gifted to me by Jay a while back. I wear these almost every day. Somehow it seemed fitting that I should wear then on OUR day as well :)

For my neck a necklace that was a gifted to my mom on her 18th birthday by my paternal grandmother (my dad's mom). It was the perfect something old. This necklace is making rounds in my family. My older sister wore it on her wedding day as a bracelet, and held it until my wedding day. Now I wore it on our wedding day, and will hold it for the next girl in our family to get married... (I plan on replacing the string and adding a clasp to this beauty (which it's currently missing)... we improvised and my sister tied it with a white string, so that it could be worn as a necklace that it is:))
 Jay accessorized his outfit with some funky cuff-links that he purchased from Beyond the Rack... and yes they do indicate his profession :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

the gloves and cocktail ring: Fashion Crimes and Swarovski

In the magazine that I saw the bolero, the woman wearing it, paired it with elbow length black gloves. I did the same. $36 or $39 from Fashion Crimes at 555 Queen St. W.
My giant gorgeous Swarovski cocktail ring was free. Can you believe it?
I had no choice over the size... but it's perfect to wear with my gloves...
A few years back JLo had a movie that premiered at Toronto Film Festival (tiff). A goodie bag that was handed out at the after party, included this gem. No, I don't know JLo, and no, I wasn't at the party… but someone who loves me was… and so I came to own this beauty...and the sparkle is so wowing :)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

the bolero: Sun Fashion Canada

Since our day was in November and we do live in Canada, the outerwear posed a bit of a problem. I wanted to look pretty, but not to disappear into my coat. I decided if the weather turns out to be extra chilly, I'll just have to brave it. But that still didn't resolve as to what I should wear. Less then 3 months to the date, I found it. It was in a bridal magazine, but nowhere did it say where I can buy one. Well I took to the internet... determination paid off. I got this faux fur bolero from Sun Fashion Canada for $95 CAD + taxes and shipping. Looked good online, looks great with my dress. I chose black to avoid looking like a snow bunny, and because I didn't want to wear it only once.

I should share though, that when it arrived I was really put off by the scent of it. It smelled musty, dusty, just yucky. I hung it up hoping it would air out, Jay added a freshener… after 3 weeks the scent lessened but it was still very noticeable.

I looked at care instructions. It says to machine wash. I was scared, it's faux fur, with a rhinestone clasp, what if it got ruined. I didn't know what to do. Decided I probably need one of those mesh bags in large, and just risk it on delicate cycle.

I shared my worries with my sister. She was like:
Sister: "Why don't you just hand wash it?"
Me: "What????"
Sister: "You know haaaand waaaash iiiiit… That will be gentle, you know what you're doing."
Me: "Ummmm it didn't even cross my mind that I could do that… "

Still I was worried, then one day due to severe lack of sleep, I just thought "what the hell" and put it in the washing machine, gentle cycle. Hand washing it just seemed like such a chore. When it was done, I open the lid, and OMG the washing machine was covered in black faux fur on the inside, my chest seized, "WHAT HAVE I DONE!?" But I pull it out, and it looks no worse for wear, still fluffy, and smells lovely :) I air dried it, did not want to chance the drier, no matter what the care instructions said:)

Friday, November 18, 2011

the belt: Something Ivory from Etsy

When I purchased my dress I had some family with me. We all agreed the dress was all me when I stepped out of the change room. I thought it looked great, my sister said "it needs something… a belt". I wasn't so sure. I do wear belts, but it's to keep my pants up, and not so much to accessorize my outfit. She grabbed one and put it on… and well it did need a belt, but we all agreed not that one.

I had my eyes peeled for a belt. I had a basic idea of what I wanted. Hours of online research, showed several options, but they were all sashes that tie in the back, with ribbon flowing down your long dress. My dress ends past my knees, I didn't want ribbon around my ankles, and I felt even a shorter ribbon in the back of my dress would just look silly. I am not in any way artistically inclined to be able to modify a sash into a belt. I'm just not. And of course I wanted something re-usable, that I can wear with other dresses if I choose to.

Every day I'd spent some time browsing online or in stores looking. Eventually I stumbled upon Something Ivory on Etsy, and found it..VIVIAN S. bridal belt with Swarovski rhinestone hook closure. Small, classy, beautiful, black with Swarovski crystals, that matches my bolero perfectly. And it was a belt. The clasp is the Swarovski crystal shaped drops. Made to order it fits perfectly. It has a little bit of a give to it, which was great, because I had a bit of a nervous cookie binge prior to our day :).

Thursday, November 17, 2011

the dress: Fashion Crimes

Watching 'Say Yes to the Dress' always leaves me a bit dumbfounded. I love the show… but I can't help wondering "Who are all these women, who have all these thousands to spend on a dress they'll only wear for eight hours or so!!!???"

Watching the show I accepted that $1,500-$3,000 is the norm. Anything more, I say is just crazy if you have a budget.

I knew what I wanted right away. Something short, that I can wear every year if I choose. I had this image of a 50's early 60's design with a full skirt.

There is a bridal store in Toronto, that seemed to have what I was looking for, when I viewed it online, but you needed an appointment to actually browse. So one Saturday I recruited 3 family members to tag along with me to my appointment.

To say I was disappointed by the selection would be an understatement. I tried on 2 or 3 dresses (I can't  remember). One, they were filthy. I know that these are sample sizes and not the dress I would actually get, but the amount of makeup and sweat and grime, seriously made me a tad nauseous. Two they were huge… the SA pinned me in the back… Then said: "You have to imagine yourself in it". I have no imagination. If I did, I'd be an the artist. I don't know how other people manage it.

Anyways I thanked her, she wrote down on a card the dress that I lingered in the longest. It was $2,500.00… yeah I wasn't going to spend that much on fabric… Although, the reason we went to this particular store is because I found a picture online of a dress form the 2011 line, and they carried this designer. So before I leave I take the picture out, write my name and number on it, and tell her that since they carry his designs already, maybe they could order this dress for me, and if they do, I will buy it. Yes… there was an exception… for him I was going to spend $2,000.00 or so... ok maybe I do understand these women :)… It's been over 6 months, and we're already wed… I have yet to hear back from that store… Thank you for your awesome customer service…

The dress I actually ended up in was purchased off the rack at Fashion Crimes on Queen St. E. for $563.87 CAD (that's including taxes). The style is called Hepbourne… it couldn't have been more perfect... it seems I didn't want a full skirt after all :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

the scent: Bvlgari and Jo Malone

While I am a huge Jo Malone fan. On that special Friday I strayed. I didn't feel my Jo Malone vanilla scents were romantic enough :)… they are gorgeous, but I love them on cold wintry days, when I want warmth, richness, and comfort from my fragrance.

My Jo Malone tea fragrances on the other hand are too breezy, summery, fresh, and also not very romantic.

Then I grabbed my Bvlgari Voile de Jasmin… and I was like "yes!"… light, floral, dreamy, sexy, sensual, and definitely romantic. While not visible as part of my outfit… I was hoping it was going to be enjoyable to those who were going to get a whiff while hugging:)... but they didn't because I forgot to wear it... hoped they liked my choice of body lotion :)

Jay on the other hand is a true Jo Malone 'girl' (inside joke). He wore the newest addition to the collection, Wild Bluebell. This scent seems to be a huge hit for JM. I find it appeals to both men and women. It plays totally different on skin, from person to person. In my opinion this is a true unisex fragrance :)… and he smelled delicious…

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the undergarments: mine :)

image from:
Did you actually think I was going to post pictures of mine? :) Well we all know better than that... but I did post a picture of brides who maybe, possibly, might regret their over the top attire choices... or maybe not :)

I know women out there buy specific items to go under THE dress. I am not one of them. I want to be comfortable… under my lovely dress, I wore tested and true items (not ratty by any means, lol, but already owned and worn prior to big day), that were comfortable, wearable, and not white :)

But I will share a story that blew my mind a tad. Few years ago, I knew a girl who was getting married. It was a big Italian affair, with big guest list, big venue, big hair, big dress, and a humongous bill at the end :)

Anyways this girl's dress was huge ball gown style. She was tiny, one of those freaky non-existent size 0 types, or non-non-existent 00… anywho she was tiny. Three months or so before the "I do's" she was really, really frustrated… it seemed nowhere in Toronto could she find a pair of panties that went with her dress…

I was like "WHAT!!!!, my god you can wear a pair of hot pink boxers and no one will see them… your dress has like a 100 layers"… but she needed THE pair to go with THE dress…

So. I have no idea where she went, but I can tell you I've never been there. But the next time I see her, she's happy… I understand that she has her tiny panties. So I ask… I'm glad I was sitting down… she has obviously lost her mind, and paid $230 for panties… size 0 or 00 panties people!!! Do you have any idea how tiny that piece of material is!!??

She told me that the SA gave her special tissue paper to store them in, and special detergent to hand wash them with… and I was like "omg you freaking nut… I hope those things come with a lifetime guarantee"

I saw those panties… unless you're some panty connoisseur… $10 at Victoria Secret will get you just as good…

What I'm saying is unless you are so rich that a $230 pair of panties is your everyday wear, you do not buy them… ever… but you do accept them in gift form :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

the makeup: Tara McPeake

That was a tough one. I wanted to be just like Kate, and do my own, so my William sees me, only better. But who am I kidding, I'd most likely go overboard or not quite enough. A search for a professional began. And I mean professional and not a visit to a makeup counter. I found Tara online. Her before and after gallery had me sold, as did her price list (compared to others I viewed, hers was reasonable). Who knew, 'wedding' makeup was soooo expensive???

Tara was worth every penny. She came to my home for both the trail (a month before) and on THE day, I did not feel rushed, she was completely professional, efficient, and just overall fantastic. My makeup consisted of airbrush base, eye cheek lip color, and false eyelashes. I acquired the lip pencil and gloss myself after the trial because I really liked it, and I used it to touch up throughout the night.

I asked her to make my eyes the focal point.. to distract from the rest of my face :), I think she delivered :)

PS. this image is from my trial in October... as you can see plenty of going on, on my chin... but the eyes do stand out and distract :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

the hair and hair accessory: Trinh at Civello and Amie Noel Designs from Etsy

Having your hair done professionally, can eat up a chunk of your change. Wow… the minute you put 'wedding' or 'bride' in front of anything, prices just sky rocket. And I really didn't want to pay $100+ for someone to put some hair spray in my short, fine hair.

Luckily I have an awesome stylist. She's leaving at the end of this year, and I will miss her greatly. Trinh at Civello on Queen St. E. has rocked my hair for a few years now. I've been with her since she was a newbie at the salon… I'm sad for myself that she's moving on… and yet happy for her…

A week before our day I colored my hair myself with henna… it's what I do… and the next day I got a cut/trim by Trinh. I discussed this with her a month or so before our day. On Nov. 11th I simply booked a wash and style. She washed, styled, dried, sprayed, and attached my hair piece, and then didn't charge me a cent... It was her gift to me... I was so touched... Now I miss her already that much more...

Two of my sisters got their hair done at the same time… it was fun hanging out.

 I requested that every single lady attending our dinner party accessorize her hair... don't we all want to be royalty for a day? :) I found mine at Amie Noel Designs on Etsy a Lela - Ivory silk poppy Floral Fascinator with birdcage blusher veil.  It is a headband style piece because my hair is too fine and too short to hold a clip, and I do love it so... the fascinator that is :)

I loved the packaging... 
 looking pretty...
 couldn't wait to wear it...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

the mani and pedi: Hammam Spa

Ever since I've heard about it, I wanted to try a shellac manicure. I've been taking really good care of my nails for months, hoping the split mess would just go away. By Nov. 10th it was as good as it was going to get.

If you haven't heard already, shellac manicure is a magic mix between gel nail and regular nail polish. It dries really quickly under the special drier, looks extremely shiny, and is chip free for two weeks (I was just hoping for 2 days :)).

I chose "Romantique" for 9 of my fingernails, a lovely soft creamy pink "bridal" shade. On my ring finger, bright red "Hollywood", you can read whatever you want into that choice :) "... for Veterans Day; ... for love; ... for my heart… for Jay to know which finger the ring goes on"... it all works :)
 Romantique was a true creme... Hollywood has a great gold shimmer to it :)... my nails looked awesome...
 Not to be left behind Jay had Deborah Lippmann's "Whatever Lola Wants" on his ring finger :) (not pictured)

On my toes YSL's fall 2011, shade #43 Wintergreen, to match my shoes, even-though no one was going to see my toes. So the picture isn't the best...
 On Jay's toes Illamasqua's Viridian :)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Big Deal!!!

image from:
For Jay and I that is… today we are getting married. This is the extent of my post :), utterly boring, without a point, and not beauty related at all… But starting tomorrow, I'll have a whole lineup of 'wedding' themed posts. All beauty and fashion and other stuff that I've chosen for myself and us on our day. (Jay's stuff might pop up as well).

A wedding is a big deal, not only emotionally, but also financially… I've been cool as a cucumber on the first point… well until I realized we have 45 days left and no flowers :) And mostly responsible with regards to the second point, we had a couple of shoe splurges... and that's all to come...
For now, I'm off to enjoy myself… tomorrow I'll be a Mrs. :)
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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil

This is the last cleansing oil that I've been really curious about... for now that is. I really liked most of Josie Maran products that I have tried to date, and since I need to clean my makeup off with oil, I decided to give this bottle a try.

Excerpts from
... multitasking cleanser removes makeup and skin impurities while providing deep hydration. Almond, safflower seed, and grape seed oils cleanse the skin's surface and renew every layer of the skin. The non-greasy texture leaves skin feeling moisturized, never tight or dry.

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Synthetic Fragrances
- Synthetic Dyes
- Petrochemicals
- Phthalates
- GMOs
- Triclosan

... ideal for all skin types... restores the skin's natural moisture and pH balance. .... Rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, ... known to prevent skin dehydration, inflammation, hyperpigmentation, and excess production of sebum.

Directions for use: apply onto dry skin, massage in, wet hands continue to massage to emulsify, rinse.

I should have asked for a sample first before I spent my money on it. It retails for $32.00 USD... I believe $38.00 CAD. To me somehow it feels thick and heavy when applied. When I wet my hands and touch my face, I get this flash of heat that has nothing to do with water, because I always makes sure it's lukewarm to cool. Something in the oil reacts with H2O, the flash of heat isn't unpleasant or harsh, but it was surprising. It has a sweet scent, that's isn't winning me over. It does emulsify great, and rinses easily, leaving my skin feeling soft and clean.

But I won't be repurchasing, because, it tastes horrible. I don't know how I manage to always get this in my mouth, I haven't had this problem with previous oils I used. The flavor is horribly bitter, it makes me gag, and it stays with me for hours, even if I brush my teeth and tongue right after it happens. I try to keep my mouth tightly closed when I rinse my face, but once it's on my lips, I can taste it... yuck...

After I use this bottle up... I'm going back to Boscia... my first and still favorite :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cethaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 50

I purchased this face cream for the following reasons:
- 20x the points on that day for it
- spf 50 is awesome
- $19.99 for the tube seemed very reasonable
- face wash from this brand is very nice… therefore I thought this must be as well

What I like about it:
The packaging. That's it. I like the convenient upside-down pump dispenser.

What it looks like:
It looks like sunblock :) Same consistency. Thick white lotion, that I felt gave my pale face an extra layer of paleness.

Why I didn't like it:
Because it's horrible for me. After barely an hour with it on, my makeup melted off… I have an oily t-zone, but this was beyond oily, this was pure grease… Seriously my face could have been used as a beacon in some heavy fog. It felt gross… it looked disgusting. Major regret, even after 20x the points.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

REN ClearCalm 3 Acne Treatment Mask

I picked this up at Sephora in NY, I just remembered reading a favorable review on it somewhere. The back of the box sounded promising as well.

This mask is formulated for problematic, acne prone skin types... well that would be me. It aims to fight three main causes of acne:
1 - excess sebum
2 - build up of dead skin cells
3 - acne causing bacteria

Main acne fighting ingredient in this mask if 5% of sulfur, but it also contains licorice extract, zinc gluconate, willow bark extract, calcium carbonate, kaolin, camphor, among other things.

Other than its acne fighting and acne preventative measures it also claims to lighten the appearance of pigmented acne scars.

Instructions for use. Apply on cleansed areas of the face...for me that's my whole face :), wait 15 min, and rinse with warm water. Use twice a week for optimal results.

First I really like the feel of this mask. Upon application it feels rich and creamy... not drying at all. The scent might be unappealing to some. It has a distinctive camphor scent (it is the 4th ingredient listed), sort of like Vicks VapoRub. This mask does not dry to a crusty layer on your face. It remained cream like for the whole 20-25 minutes I had it on one time. I got used to the scent, and forgot about it. It really feels as if it's soothing and healing my skin.

At $45.00 USD it is pricey, but I see myself repurchasing, just because it feels so good.