Friday, November 18, 2011

the belt: Something Ivory from Etsy

When I purchased my dress I had some family with me. We all agreed the dress was all me when I stepped out of the change room. I thought it looked great, my sister said "it needs something… a belt". I wasn't so sure. I do wear belts, but it's to keep my pants up, and not so much to accessorize my outfit. She grabbed one and put it on… and well it did need a belt, but we all agreed not that one.

I had my eyes peeled for a belt. I had a basic idea of what I wanted. Hours of online research, showed several options, but they were all sashes that tie in the back, with ribbon flowing down your long dress. My dress ends past my knees, I didn't want ribbon around my ankles, and I felt even a shorter ribbon in the back of my dress would just look silly. I am not in any way artistically inclined to be able to modify a sash into a belt. I'm just not. And of course I wanted something re-usable, that I can wear with other dresses if I choose to.

Every day I'd spent some time browsing online or in stores looking. Eventually I stumbled upon Something Ivory on Etsy, and found it..VIVIAN S. bridal belt with Swarovski rhinestone hook closure. Small, classy, beautiful, black with Swarovski crystals, that matches my bolero perfectly. And it was a belt. The clasp is the Swarovski crystal shaped drops. Made to order it fits perfectly. It has a little bit of a give to it, which was great, because I had a bit of a nervous cookie binge prior to our day :).

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