Saturday, November 19, 2011

the bolero: Sun Fashion Canada

Since our day was in November and we do live in Canada, the outerwear posed a bit of a problem. I wanted to look pretty, but not to disappear into my coat. I decided if the weather turns out to be extra chilly, I'll just have to brave it. But that still didn't resolve as to what I should wear. Less then 3 months to the date, I found it. It was in a bridal magazine, but nowhere did it say where I can buy one. Well I took to the internet... determination paid off. I got this faux fur bolero from Sun Fashion Canada for $95 CAD + taxes and shipping. Looked good online, looks great with my dress. I chose black to avoid looking like a snow bunny, and because I didn't want to wear it only once.

I should share though, that when it arrived I was really put off by the scent of it. It smelled musty, dusty, just yucky. I hung it up hoping it would air out, Jay added a freshener… after 3 weeks the scent lessened but it was still very noticeable.

I looked at care instructions. It says to machine wash. I was scared, it's faux fur, with a rhinestone clasp, what if it got ruined. I didn't know what to do. Decided I probably need one of those mesh bags in large, and just risk it on delicate cycle.

I shared my worries with my sister. She was like:
Sister: "Why don't you just hand wash it?"
Me: "What????"
Sister: "You know haaaand waaaash iiiiit… That will be gentle, you know what you're doing."
Me: "Ummmm it didn't even cross my mind that I could do that… "

Still I was worried, then one day due to severe lack of sleep, I just thought "what the hell" and put it in the washing machine, gentle cycle. Hand washing it just seemed like such a chore. When it was done, I open the lid, and OMG the washing machine was covered in black faux fur on the inside, my chest seized, "WHAT HAVE I DONE!?" But I pull it out, and it looks no worse for wear, still fluffy, and smells lovely :) I air dried it, did not want to chance the drier, no matter what the care instructions said:)


  1. yeah it is... and surprisingly very very warm... I'm not sure it it was the bolero or the excitement but everyone was freezing and shivering except me :)