Thursday, November 24, 2011

the bouquet: Felt and Found from Etsy

We did not plan a traditional wedding. We planned a dinner party, with a quick vow exchange as a pre-dinner entertainment :)

There was going to be no bouquet toss, so I wasn't sure if I wanted a bouquet. My friend advised me over dinner:

M: You want something pretty to hold in your hands.
Me: I have my sparkly purse. 
M: Bahhh purse... (she scoffed)...

Well alrighty then I thought. She got married, her wedding was somewhat unconventional but gorgeous at the same time, and she had a bouquet... maybe she was onto something here...

I decided not to have real flowers, but a memento that will last for years. At first I wanted one of those brooch bouquets, but those things can run you up to $500 and more before you know it, thats a lot of limited editions to pass up in the near future.

Further browsing on Etsy led me to Felt and Found… and lordy when I found it, I felt it. This was it, approximately same price as a real flower bridal bouquet from a flower shop, gorgeous, and lasting :). I custom ordered my bouquet via email exchange with Meg. I wanted white and cream, with touches of teal, and one red poppy like flower, because Nov. 11th was Remembrance Day (Veterans Day).
Meg is an artist, who brought my vision to life. I couldn't be happier with my choice or with her work. Every single time I glance at it… my mind replays moments of that day… happiness are felt flowers :)
However I must add that there was a bit of a pricey surprise with regards to this bouquet. When I ordered it I paid for it and shipping as well. I was really shocked when I received a notice from UPS that I must pay $101.00 customs fees in order to receive my package. It was more than what I paid for the bouquet in the first place... I paid it (what else what I going to do??).
I informed Meg of the high UPS charges when one ships to Canada, so that she may research other shipping options. She was really sorry, and met me half way on the customs bill.

She is a talented artist, and I love my bouquet...
The bouquet did not come wrapped with ribbon. I did that myself, I saw the look online, and I really liked it...

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