Monday, November 28, 2011

the decor: Natasha Manji at Berries & Blooms and Ikea

I didn't have a lot of decorating to do. Our rooms were gorgeous, but I did want flowers for our 4 tables :)

Jay made an appointment at a certain flower shop. We went, discussed what we or I :) was looking for, gave our maximum budget. A few days later she sent us a quote and it was 300% more than I wanted to spend!!! I'm not sure which part of the word "max" she didn't understand, but I didn't want to deal with someone who didn't even come close.

We thought we were on our own for decor. My sister told me of a grocery flower shop that did flowers for a wedding we both attended, she was a brides maid,  I was a guest :). We went to the grocery store... we liked what we heard, sadly they were already overbooked for that day, and could not take another job.

I was ready to give up but luckily Jay run into Natasha who works for a wonderful flower company called Berries & Blooms. He liked their work a lot, informed her what we were looking for. She sent us a quote which was right on my budget. I was happy.

Originally I wanted to mimic my bouquet, all white with a red daisy… the words "random" and "tacky" were used to describe my idea… Instead we went with all white flowers with a black sash around the vase and a red poppy pin… I must say it looked elegant, classy, and beautiful… I don't claim to have any design or decor sense :)

On each table we had one 5" glass cube vase filled with white hydrangeas, roses, bouvardia, and rananculus (arrangement roughly 10"), and two small arrangements of the same in 3" glass cube vases  (arrangement roughly 6"). These were complimented with 3 glass pillars and candles all from Ikea, very budget friendly and some tea lights. All in all I say our tables looked pretty spiffy :)

Pictured below the 5" glass cube arrangement...
We also got wrist corsages of white roses and bouvardia for our mothers and my maid of honor, and boutonnieres of white roses and rananculus for our fathers and Jay's best man.

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