Thursday, November 17, 2011

the dress: Fashion Crimes

Watching 'Say Yes to the Dress' always leaves me a bit dumbfounded. I love the show… but I can't help wondering "Who are all these women, who have all these thousands to spend on a dress they'll only wear for eight hours or so!!!???"

Watching the show I accepted that $1,500-$3,000 is the norm. Anything more, I say is just crazy if you have a budget.

I knew what I wanted right away. Something short, that I can wear every year if I choose. I had this image of a 50's early 60's design with a full skirt.

There is a bridal store in Toronto, that seemed to have what I was looking for, when I viewed it online, but you needed an appointment to actually browse. So one Saturday I recruited 3 family members to tag along with me to my appointment.

To say I was disappointed by the selection would be an understatement. I tried on 2 or 3 dresses (I can't  remember). One, they were filthy. I know that these are sample sizes and not the dress I would actually get, but the amount of makeup and sweat and grime, seriously made me a tad nauseous. Two they were huge… the SA pinned me in the back… Then said: "You have to imagine yourself in it". I have no imagination. If I did, I'd be an the artist. I don't know how other people manage it.

Anyways I thanked her, she wrote down on a card the dress that I lingered in the longest. It was $2,500.00… yeah I wasn't going to spend that much on fabric… Although, the reason we went to this particular store is because I found a picture online of a dress form the 2011 line, and they carried this designer. So before I leave I take the picture out, write my name and number on it, and tell her that since they carry his designs already, maybe they could order this dress for me, and if they do, I will buy it. Yes… there was an exception… for him I was going to spend $2,000.00 or so... ok maybe I do understand these women :)… It's been over 6 months, and we're already wed… I have yet to hear back from that store… Thank you for your awesome customer service…

The dress I actually ended up in was purchased off the rack at Fashion Crimes on Queen St. E. for $563.87 CAD (that's including taxes). The style is called Hepbourne… it couldn't have been more perfect... it seems I didn't want a full skirt after all :)

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