Sunday, November 20, 2011

the gloves and cocktail ring: Fashion Crimes and Swarovski

In the magazine that I saw the bolero, the woman wearing it, paired it with elbow length black gloves. I did the same. $36 or $39 from Fashion Crimes at 555 Queen St. W.
My giant gorgeous Swarovski cocktail ring was free. Can you believe it?
I had no choice over the size... but it's perfect to wear with my gloves...
A few years back JLo had a movie that premiered at Toronto Film Festival (tiff). A goodie bag that was handed out at the after party, included this gem. No, I don't know JLo, and no, I wasn't at the party… but someone who loves me was… and so I came to own this beauty...and the sparkle is so wowing :)

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