Saturday, November 12, 2011

the mani and pedi: Hammam Spa

Ever since I've heard about it, I wanted to try a shellac manicure. I've been taking really good care of my nails for months, hoping the split mess would just go away. By Nov. 10th it was as good as it was going to get.

If you haven't heard already, shellac manicure is a magic mix between gel nail and regular nail polish. It dries really quickly under the special drier, looks extremely shiny, and is chip free for two weeks (I was just hoping for 2 days :)).

I chose "Romantique" for 9 of my fingernails, a lovely soft creamy pink "bridal" shade. On my ring finger, bright red "Hollywood", you can read whatever you want into that choice :) "... for Veterans Day; ... for love; ... for my heart… for Jay to know which finger the ring goes on"... it all works :)
 Romantique was a true creme... Hollywood has a great gold shimmer to it :)... my nails looked awesome...
 Not to be left behind Jay had Deborah Lippmann's "Whatever Lola Wants" on his ring finger :) (not pictured)

On my toes YSL's fall 2011, shade #43 Wintergreen, to match my shoes, even-though no one was going to see my toes. So the picture isn't the best...
 On Jay's toes Illamasqua's Viridian :)

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