Sunday, November 6, 2011

Nioxin Scalp Theraphy Conditioner for Fine Hair

I've mentioned a couple of times that my hair has been leaving my head at a rapid pace. Lately it has slowed down considerably, I'm not sure if it's because I'm doing something right, or because there is not much of it left… hmmm

Either way, I spotted this giant bottle of conditioner at Winners one day. Way back when I used to work at a beauty salon this line was always recommend to people with thinning hair or hair loss concerns, both men and women.

The line is extensive with different shampoos and conditioners for different types of hair, as well as treatments. I believe that you're supposed to use it as a system to see results. The company claims that if you do, 9 out of 10 people notice an improvement in hair density. They don't claim that their products stimulate hair growth, rather using their products promotes healthy scalp environment, and improves the condition of existing hair.

I found an article which lists and describes the active ingredients in Nioxin products and their benefits. LINK  - for those who wish to do some further reading.

The only shampoo at Winners was for coarse hair, and that's definitely not my type. But they did have a conditioner that I couldn't pass up. This 500ml bottle usually retails for around $40 CAD, I paid $19.99 + tax.

I'm not sure what effect if any this conditioner has on my hair, since I'm using it on it's own and not as part of a Nioxin system. But the fact that it's formulated for my type had me won over. I love the scent of it. It smells like mint. It's white and thick in consistency, so I don't need a lot of it. It makes your scalp tingle when applied (mint), I think that it stimulates blood flow to your hair follicles. It rinses clean, doesn't weight down my strands, it leaves them soft, clean, and shiny. Money well spent :)

 Unrelated to the post.... The countdown has begun, two days ago, on our bathroom mirror...

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