Tuesday, November 29, 2011

the photographer: Scott Williams, Capturing the Light

I have to brag about this man, simply have to.

When Jay and I decided to become officially married and have a few friends and family witness it, there were only two things we weren't going to comprise on: food/drinks and photos. Those two things ate up over 3/4 of our budget… yup no compromise.

Choosing a venue was simple, I had two places in mind. But I've been dreaming of Canoe for a very long time… and so as luck would have it, that's were we hosted our shindig.

Photographer was a bit of a tougher choice. I attended wedding shows… but none caught my eye… pretty, but standard. I surfed the net for days… found potential candidates… but none that really made me go WOW.

Then, one day somehow I stumbled upon Scott's blog, and jeez he had me hooked from the first picture. His style is uniquely photojournalistic… photos, simply stunning… I have viewed them over and over again, and never get tired of the way he captures moments…

I sent Jay an email with a link to his blog, saying this is the guy. Jay couldn't agree more. That was 14 months ago, we met with him and booked him that week. We chose one of the pricier packages he offers because well, we had the money for it, and as I said we weren't about to cheap out on something that was really important to both of us.

Scott is incredibly personable, funny, easy to work with, and did I mention talented :) His company of one is called Capturing the Light, and if you want to document an event and or people in your life with pictures that you'll cherish and love forever… he is the one you want :)

here are four from our day :) - LINK

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  1. Love the pic of you looking in the mirror!