Wednesday, November 16, 2011

the scent: Bvlgari and Jo Malone

While I am a huge Jo Malone fan. On that special Friday I strayed. I didn't feel my Jo Malone vanilla scents were romantic enough :)… they are gorgeous, but I love them on cold wintry days, when I want warmth, richness, and comfort from my fragrance.

My Jo Malone tea fragrances on the other hand are too breezy, summery, fresh, and also not very romantic.

Then I grabbed my Bvlgari Voile de Jasmin… and I was like "yes!"… light, floral, dreamy, sexy, sensual, and definitely romantic. While not visible as part of my outfit… I was hoping it was going to be enjoyable to those who were going to get a whiff while hugging:)... but they didn't because I forgot to wear it... hoped they liked my choice of body lotion :)

Jay on the other hand is a true Jo Malone 'girl' (inside joke). He wore the newest addition to the collection, Wild Bluebell. This scent seems to be a huge hit for JM. I find it appeals to both men and women. It plays totally different on skin, from person to person. In my opinion this is a true unisex fragrance :)… and he smelled delicious…


  1. I like Jo Malone too, but couldn't find one that was quite perfect for my wedding - you're right, a lot are very wintery and snuggly!
    New follower - I like your sweet blog! I found you when you commented on Lipstick Rules. I look forward to reading more soon! x

  2. Hi PA... welcome and thank you for following :)

  3. I love Jo Malone too - Grapefruit and White Jasmine & Mint are my favs. Keen to try the Bvlgari Jasmine though x

  4. hi BB... you named the two fragrances I'm craving to add to my collection :)... I love to mix Grapefruit (I have testers) with my Vanilla & Anise, and Jasmine & Mint is just so gorgeous on its own :)