Tuesday, November 22, 2011

the shoes: Christian Louboutin Fifi 100 Suede Square Metal in Turqouise and Peal & Co from Brooks Brothers

Some of you already know this story, but I feel the need to re-write it here. This is how it went down.

The first item I bought four our wedding is shoes. That was about over a year before the date. I took advice of some very well meaning friends not to postpone outfit shopping but browse and decide as soon as possible. So I've been keeping my eyes open and one Sunday afternoon (most of my shopping stories happen on a Sunday), browsing through Yorkville, we stumble into Holts (Jay and I), touch a lot of stuff, buy nothing. We decide to check out their shoe section.

I pass a pair of YSL shoes, love them on the spot, pick them up... whoa!!!! $1500.00, put them down... they are no longer so appealing to me. I just cannot spend more on shoes than my mortgage. I decide there is nothing for me at Holt's shoe department. On our way out Jay pauses, picks up a shoe, and says "what about this one".... and it is gorgeous, simple, no frills, but colorful, I would love to own it, check the price.... ouch!!!! I say I don't know".... Jay says "You don't have to buy it... just try it on... see how they fit." Before I can think about it, he catches the eye of a sales person... next thing I know I'm walking around in a pair of shoes I only dream of... (I notice there is a matching clutch as well... I don't understand how it can be more expensive than the shoes.)

Jay: "What do you think...?"
Me: " I love them... but baby... the price... I don't think I can afford them."
Jay: "I think they're awesome, let me buy them for you."
Me: "What? Really? You'll get these for me?"
Jay: "Yes... come on wrap them up."

There is no visible cash register at Holt's shoe department. You are navigated to a comfy leather couch, the sales person takes away your card, and comes back with your bill in a leather folder, your shoes in a bag with plenty of tissue paper.

As we are making our way to the couch, I'm sure I was floating... Jay reaches into his back pocket for his wallet... takes it out... and...

Jay: "I forgot my card..."
Me: "What?!"
Jay: "I left my card at home..."
Me: crashing very hard to earth... "You bitch..."

So I bought my own shoes... Jay was sorry. We laughed about it. He promised that the next two pairs are on him…

These are the most expensive part of my outfit…  but can't say I regret the splurge :)
 These pumps may not look it, but the heel is rather skinny and they are rather high. For someone who wears sneakers 90% of the time, it was quite an adjustment. I practiced walking before the day, because while the shoes fit, their height made my toes go numb :) ... still no regrets... 
Jay wanted some pretty shoes as well. We went to Brooks Brothers for his pair... it wasn't quite as pricey as mine, but close enough... I ended up paying for that pair as well :) Pictured only one, they're pretty but they are no pumps :)... plus those puppies are huge... 

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