Friday, November 25, 2011

the tags: his and mine

Jay and I differ in tastes… sometimes. We did not feel the need to have matching bands, which is a good thing, because one or both of us would have ended up compromising.

I thought about my band for over a year. Searched and compared. Had quite a few style changes, didn't know what I really wanted. One Sunday afternoon we're passing by a jewelry store, their lease is expiring, they're having a moving sale with 60%-70% off everything. We walk in…

Let me back track a bit. About 8 years ago, one Sunday afternoon Jay and I pass a store that is having a moving sale 60%-70% off everything. We walk in, and I walk out with two strings of pearls and a pretty gold ring with 4 diamonds that look like stars (there was only one, it fit perfectly on my ring finger). It received a companion 5 years later…

So the fact that once again I was in a store with a closing sale was a bit of déjà vu. But then I see it… there is only one left… it is my size… I try it on… and stop searching.

A simple gold band is classic, timeless, beautiful, and totally me.

Jay on the other hand, is a Damascus steel kind of guy, but pays homage to my gold band with a vein of gold running through the steel… very pretty. He found his band on Etsy from Stonebrook Jewelry... Etsy came through for us a lot :)

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