Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the undergarments: mine :)

image from: http://inspiringpretty.com/2011/07/18/wedding-do-nots-wedding-dresses/
Did you actually think I was going to post pictures of mine? :) Well we all know better than that... but I did post a picture of brides who maybe, possibly, might regret their over the top attire choices... or maybe not :)

I know women out there buy specific items to go under THE dress. I am not one of them. I want to be comfortable… under my lovely dress, I wore tested and true items (not ratty by any means, lol, but already owned and worn prior to big day), that were comfortable, wearable, and not white :)

But I will share a story that blew my mind a tad. Few years ago, I knew a girl who was getting married. It was a big Italian affair, with big guest list, big venue, big hair, big dress, and a humongous bill at the end :)

Anyways this girl's dress was huge ball gown style. She was tiny, one of those freaky non-existent size 0 types, or non-non-existent 00… anywho she was tiny. Three months or so before the "I do's" she was really, really frustrated… it seemed nowhere in Toronto could she find a pair of panties that went with her dress…

I was like "WHAT!!!!, my god you can wear a pair of hot pink boxers and no one will see them… your dress has like a 100 layers"… but she needed THE pair to go with THE dress…

So. I have no idea where she went, but I can tell you I've never been there. But the next time I see her, she's happy… I understand that she has her tiny panties. So I ask… I'm glad I was sitting down… she has obviously lost her mind, and paid $230 for panties… size 0 or 00 panties people!!! Do you have any idea how tiny that piece of material is!!??

She told me that the SA gave her special tissue paper to store them in, and special detergent to hand wash them with… and I was like "omg you freaking nut… I hope those things come with a lifetime guarantee"

I saw those panties… unless you're some panty connoisseur… $10 at Victoria Secret will get you just as good…

What I'm saying is unless you are so rich that a $230 pair of panties is your everyday wear, you do not buy them… ever… but you do accept them in gift form :)

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